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Kurt Russell on Hollywood Politics

Actor Kurt Russell, 64:¬† I’m a supporter of the concepts of libertarianism. Unfortunately, I don’t think the party has been able to get a

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Russia and China Bet Big on Sports Entertainment

In America the non-stop coverage of sporting events, and the athletes who participate, is just part of daily life. In Russia, not so much,

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The Shift from Pros to Amateurs

This is an excerpt from Chris Anderson’s book “Makers: The New Industrial Revolution”: “The greatest change of the past decade has been the shift

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Shelter Magazines Perfect the Kiss

Magazines that focus on interior design, architecture, home renovations, and such are known in the trade as “shelter” publications. ¬†Most of them focus on

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How Long Can it Take to Get Your Big Break?

25 years? Andrew Long and Nancy Robinette were well regarded veterans of the stage in Washington D.C, but it took a long, long time,

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Magazines Pimp Themselves Out

It’s tough to make it in the magazine world these days, as so many advertisers migrate to the web, and print publications face a

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