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In a Feminized Society, Can Male Movies Succeed?

As the Wall Street Journal said, some audiences found  The Revenant “too strenuous, too long, too exhausting, too male, too snowy, too much raw meat,

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Before You Steal Your Next Movie

You should appreciate how much work, and often suffering, goes into making it. Filmed only in natural light with temperatures sometimes 30 degrees below

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Novels are Getting Bigger, not Smaller

Despite all the talk about how short attention spans have become thanks to social media, the Internet, etc. the fact is that the most

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Girls, Gadgets, and Cars – James Bond

The James Bond movies are famous for girls, gadgets and cars, not necessarily in that order. A look at the cars.

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What it Really Takes for Bestsellers

Ian Fleming didn’t write his first novel until he was 43, and only lived 12 more years, but his James Bond franchise is still

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