Bezos Affair Ignites Media War 

Bezos Affair Ignites Media War Bezos accuses the National Enquirer of extortion and acting as Trump’s agent in revealing the Amazon CEO’s extramarital affair that led to his divorce. Meanwhile, the Bezos owned Washington Post gets in the fray, as media becomes the plaything and agent of different billionaires.

Bezos says that the National Enquirer, in writing about this affair, was being used as a tool of Trump, as the National Enquirer has acted on Trump’s behalf before. Meanwhile, what can the Washington Post write about this, being owned personally by Bezos? As tech billionaires have become media titans, it’s unclear what media source, if any, is truly unbiased.



Why do smart people so often act idiotically? And why do adults act like college sophomores? The world’s richest man, age 55, is sending nude photos via text to his 49-year-old girlfriend. C’mon people. It’s nice that you’re still in good shape, but no more nude photo sharing if you’re over 20.

Men really need some help in acting like adults these days.


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