Thanksgiving Dinner Shocker 

Most of the time we’re pretty outraged. It keeps our heart pumping and gets us ready for the daily battle.

On Thanksgiving, not so much. So let’s shock the fam at the dinner table and show our gratitude. Keep the bastards guessing.

Here’s your ammo:

Historical Perspective

We tend to glorify the past, and think the time we live in is so difficult. But the reality is that the simple process of staying alive has been an overwhelming challenge for most people during most of human history. Life today, for most people in a country like the United States, is very easy.

Thanks A Thousand

It’s Gratitude week here at Attitude Media and today’s selection is a book by a naturally grumpy writer who decided to make an effort to really appreciate – and thank everyone involved in a little daily routine most of us enjoy – our morning coffee.

Are Things Getting Better?

This is Gratitude Week at Attitude Media, and the first step is to understand why you answered “No” to our question in the title. This article explains why you think the world situation is getting worse, when that’s, generally speaking, simply not true. Travel is remarkably safe. Vast numbers of people are being lifted out of poverty. In many ways, life now is just so much better.


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