Beautiful Country, Ugly Laws 

Beautiful Country, Ugly Laws Random search and seizure of your goods.  Complete invasion of privacy.  Arbitrary arrest. These are things you associate with ….where? An African country ruled by a despot? Putin’s Russia?  China? Nope. How about New Zealand:

“If you’re traveling to New Zealand, you should be aware of the Customs and Excise Act of 2018. It just went into effect at the beginning of October.

New Zealand Customs and Border agents can now demand passwords for any electronic devices you bring into the country. They can download the entire contents of your phone or laptop, and search through it for evidence of a crime.

Agents could always search phones and laptops at the border. But now they can fine you up to $5,000 ($3,300 USD) for refusing to hand over the passwords, codes, and encryption keys to your devices.

The new law also allows Customs agents to collect biometric data from anyone entering the country. That means they can take your fingerprints, photo, or iris scans, store them, and share them.

And even worse, New Zealand’s Customs website explains:

“Making an arrest without a warrant can now be done with no limitation to timeframe.”

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