Chappaquiddick For those that have followed the Trump and Kavanaugh sex scandals, you should watch this movie to see a real sex scandal.

The Kennedy’s have always been a remarkably sleazy clan, starting with the patriarch, who served as a model for his sons, all of whom were presidential possibilities at one time. Only John Kennedy was actually elected, but his younger brother, US Senator Ted Kennedy, might have been, except that one night he drove off a bridge and killed a woman in the car who was not his wife.

Teddy Kennedy’s real sin wasn’t adultery; that seems to be a Kennedy birthright. His real sin wasn't driving drunk with an expired license. His real sin wasn’t the coverup the followed – all politicians lie to cover their tracks.

Ted Kennedy’s real sin was that after escaping from the car he made no attempt to save the poor young woman who was slowly being drowned to death. He sat on the river bank, feeling sorry for himself, while his evening’s entertainment faced a tortuous death. He didn’t even report the accident or show the slightest real remorse – other than remorse for the fact that he knew he may have ended his career. In fact, while he was guilty of manslaughter, he pleaded out to the crime of not reporting an accident and was given a suspended sentence. In the land of the free, you’re entitled to kill at least one mistress if your last name is Kennedy.

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