US Becomes a Prison State 

US Becomes a Prison State What’s it like to live in a prison state? You’re about to find out.

The US has never been easy to get into, although entry has certainly become more difficult recently. But now you may not be able to get out either.

During the Obama administration a law was passed, part of the “FAST Act”, that said that the government could confiscate your passport if you owed back taxes to the US government. Now the IRS is starting to enforce this law and plans to revoke the passports of 362,000 American citizens who the government says owe it money.

Of course, if the government takes your passport, you’re effectively imprisoned in the US. No other country will allow you to enter without a passport, and airlines won’t even let you board an international flight if you can’t produce a passport.

It used to be that only in places like Cuba or North Korea did citizens die trying to get out. But that could become the modern reality of the United States. If you don’t pay your taxes you go to jail and face homosexual rape.

So pay up!

Or escape while you still can.

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