Did Obama hate illegal immigrants more than Trump? 


The number of illegal immigrants deported during the Obama administration

Was it better to be an immigrant under the Obama administration than the new Trump one?

Everyone would assume that it was, but the real numbers don’t actually support this. Obama deported more immigrants than any president in American history. (The number of 3,118,927 is through December 2016) The numbers most recently available don’t show any marked change in the pace of immigration at all. There had been 35,604 removals in January and February 2017 compared to 35,255 in the same period in 2016.

Since Trump did not take office until January 20th it may be too early to tell what the future holds. But one thing we know for sure; under Obama, millions of illegal immigrants were deported. Maybe it’s never a good time to be an illegal immigrant In America.

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