The Ugliest Shoes Ever – and Vogue Loves them! 

These fur lined loafers from Gucci are the worst look of the season – and a must have for Vogue editors.  Which may explain the current state of the fashion industry. From Vogue.com:

The It Shoe of Fall 2015 Has Arrived: Here’s Why We’re Head Over Heels for It

Gucci’s Hybrid Loafer Is the It Shoe of Fall 2015 – Vogue

So it comes as no surprise that the chief item on Vogue.com’s shopping list was those fur-lined loafers: A grand total of five staffers had it down as a must-buy for fall…..Gucci’s Hybrid Loafer Is the It Shoe of Fall 2015 – Vogue.  Explains Vogue Creative Digital Director Sally Singer. “It’s just such a brilliant bourgeois signature—and these are both arch and fluffy.”

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