The Environment And Health Care 

John F. Groom is a writer and publisher with multiple credits in a variety of media. One of his latest projects is entitled The 1.8 Billion Dollar Man, and is currently available as an e-book*.

However, the book is far from a partisan screed. Instead, the work provides an introduction into just how large and often wasteful the federal bureaucracy has become. Among many other findings, Groom discovered that even after adjusting for inflation, the entire Palace of Versailles could be completely rebuilt every single year for what it costs to support the current US President.

The environmental angle here is really quite simple. No organization can be Green, or even claim to support such a notion if it is this big and bloated. Moreover, under these rubrics, there cannot be some sort of exemption for the White House, just because it is the White House. Either the future of the planet is at stake, or it isn’t. Of course, Obama’s is by no means the first profligate White House.

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