Office Sex 

Why did Bill Clinton, President of the United States and most powerful man in the world, have an affair with Monica Lewinsky? Was it because she was such a babe? No – in fact, she was an average looking woman, with below average character, and, in general, little to recommend her. In fact, it was just proximity. We meet whoever happens to come into our path, and, since we spend most of our time at work, the people who come into our path are often co-workers. (Lewinsky was in the White House intern program, which happened to be very close to the President’s office.)

In an ideal world, perhaps we would never cross the boundary between work and our personal lives with co-workers, but, truth be told, part of what makes office life interesting is the sexual tension – if you’ve never wondered what that hot young thing in accounting would look like without clothes you’re the exception, not the rule. And what about the boss – she’s always so in control at work – wouldn’t it be fun to see if you could make her lose control?

But if you’re the boss, one thing you never do is even flirt with those who work for you. Not only do you want to avoid the flood of sexual harassment litigation, but a gentleman never abuses his power. And for another thing, you’re too busy launching that hostile takeover, directing the Oscar worthy film, or rallying the troops to even notice how low cut that blouse is.

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