Men, both gentle and otherwise, like sex. They need sex. They want sex. While there do sometimes seem to be advantages to the old “hit her over the head with the club, and drag her by the hair back into the cave” approach, gentleman have advanced beyond this approach. (Although our lady friends report that among some men this is still the method of choice.)

What separates the civilized from the brutes is not the degree to which they want and need the primal delight, but the process by which they pursue it. And since this passion is so intense, and so frequently aroused, it is a litmus test by which manly conduct may be judged.


As in all things, the guiding principle is consent. What you do in the privacy of your bedroom – or on top of your desk at the office for that matter – is your business, as long as your partner(s) are consenting adults. Ardent persuasion is fine – even expected. Under certain circumstances – say, in the boudoir of Tyra Banks – begging is permitted. A gentleman always tries to tell the truth, but she really should not be picking this time, and that black lace bra, to be asking if you are ready for a committed, monogamous relationship. Perhaps this is the time to show by action, rather than dialogue, that you are ready. For something. But no matter how breathless you may become, and how hysteria inducing her gentle, warm flesh is, you are not permitted to use your manly strength to overcome any sincere resistance. Real woman only say “No” when they mean “No”, and you should avoid the other type.

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