Complaining Like a Man 

“Comedian Lewis Black gets a nod for exalting one indispensable guy trait: anger. Yeah, yeah, we know, anger makes us hostile and hypertensive. Still, a suspicion lingers that righteous male anger isn’t always the toxin it’s made out to be. Black’s stand up version of rage, his sputtering impatience, his about-to-blow vexation with mendacity and stupidity, is also easily construed as a celebration of high standards. In highlighting all the lameness of our world, this connoisseur of choler keeps us searching for our grail. Anyway, there is much to which anger is the only sensible response. When harnessed, it can be a powerful tool.” (Best Life, page 88, November 2006)

Giving – A gentleman complains gently and quietly, never raising his voice. He has high standards and realizes that, alas, not everyone shares those standards. He does not threaten, but the steely look in his eyes makes it clear that he is not to be trifled with. If he does not receive satisfaction he, quietly and without fuss, leaves to plot his brutal revenge.


Receiving – Complaints made in a civil manner are received with courtesy. If the complaint is legitimate, a gentleman does his best to rectify it. If an unfounded complaint is made in a civil tone of voice, a gentleman responds nicely, but honestly, explaining why he disagrees. If a complaint is made loudly and obnoxiously, you have 3 options:
1) In your coldest voice, say “I’m sorry you feel that way.”
2) Ignore it.
3) Have the complaintant tortured and killed. That is, unfortunately, the only way to shut some people up.

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