Relaxing In An Insane World 

Living Sanely, and this list, are generally about serious matters; how to make the most of your potential in an insane world. How to keep your brain turned on, even amidst the cacophony and endless noise of the modern world.

But part of Living Sanely is also recognizing that sometimes it all just gets to be a bit too much, and on many days, at the end of the day, what you need is not a PBS documentary but some harmless relaxation. Not something so mindless it will be offensive, but cleverly done amusement. Fortunately, TV has vastly improved over the last few years in this regard. While there still seems to be an endless supply of the truly dumb (see any reality show or the hit Two and Half Men), the following should be relaxing, amusing, and bring a smile to your weary face:

  • Ugly Betty – A bright, plain looking girl from the wrong side of the tracks tries to make it in the vacuous world of fashion journalism. The evil characters in this one are great fun.
  • Gilmore Girls – A sassy single mother and her bright and charming young daughter make the most of life in a small town.
  • Mash – An oldie but goodie from the 70s. At one time TV’s most popular show, the satire of a Mobile Air Surgical Hospital is still good fun.
  • These shows should generally be available from Netflix or similar services.

Have comments on these or your own suggestions for good clean fun? Send them to john@www.dailyoutrage.com

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