Attacks on Wal Mart 

Everyone hates Wal-Mart. Recently, three business magazines ran ‘Wal-Mart is bad’ stories. Union employees at three California supermarket chains launched strikes because of the effect Wal-Mart might have when it adds groceries to its West Coast repertoire. Stock analysts can’t imagine how WMT could continue to grow – a third of them rate it a ‘hold’ (analyst slang for ‘turd’) – and rush to dis the company. And even the govt is mad: The Feds recently raided Wal-Mart, looking for illegals. How can a store visited by 138 million people each week be so damn…unpopular? The answer of course, is that its not. In fact, it’s wildly popular. 82% of Americans bought something at Wal-Mart in 2002.

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