Elian Gonzalez sure is a cute kid. So is Alexis.

You know Elian right? Most famous 6 year old in the world. We're pretty sure you don't know Alexis; she lives down the block from us. Yahoo has 194 photos of Elian on file, but none of Alexis, so we'll describe her to you. She has dark skin and a big bright grin - sparkling eyes too; joyous laugh. She has pretty typical tastes for a six-year-old girl; likes Barbies and stuffed animals. She doesn't have a lot of toys, but she sure has fun when she gets a new present.

Everyone cares about Elian. The very highest reaches of the most powerful government on earth, the Attorney General and President of the United States, have opinions about Elian. Three senior federal judges, just one step below the US Supreme Court, are currently trying to decide whether Elian will grow up in the US or in Cuba. In Miami the Police Chief resigned and the City Manager was fired as a result of the Elian controversy. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has stated her opinion on the Elian case.

What's everyone's opinion on Alexis? What do you think about Alexis? Why do I ask? Well, Alexis' teeth are so bad she can barely eat. We think there's some government program that would pay to have her teeth fixed, but no one's bothered to take her to the dentist. Alexis should probably be in school, but she's not. But no matter: Alexis is not a media star, she's just another kid. Real cute though.

Right now, Elian is playing at the federally protected Wye Plantation in Maryland. Alexis is playing in the street; traffic's pretty light though, so she probably won't get hit by a car today.

Elian got to America via raft. His mother died trying to reach freedom. Alexis was born in America. So was her mother. And her mother's mother.
Alexis still has her mother; not sure where the father is.

Does anyone know how much money has been spent on the Elian case? There have been scores of high-ranking government officials involved, and Elian's father has been flown around the country in government jets to attend various hearings. And then there are the numerous court cases, each involving the usual band of court functionaries. When Elian and his family went to dinner at the home of wealthy Clinton donor Smith Bagley, he traveled via motorcade, escorted by police and US Marshals.

About 140 federal agents were involved in the elaborate planning, preparation, and raid that removed Elian from the home of his Miami relatives in Little Havana. Two helicopters were on stand-by to spirit Elian away; in case of bad weather a speedboat was waiting in Biscayne Bay. Want to kidnap Alexis? No problem; there's usually no one watching her, and she probably wouldn't be missed for a while.

What's our point? We're Outraged over the fact that millions of dollars and countless human hours have been spent debating the plight of Elian Gonzalez, while millions of children in the US and around the world don't even have the most basic necessities of life. For a small fraction of the millions spent on the Elian case, hundreds of needy children could have been fed, clothed, and educated. But we guess that wouldn't have satiated the great American hunger for made-for-TV drama.
Stay focused on the TV and you'll find out how the Elian drama ends. Just don't look out the window - you may see a kid just like Alexis. Unlike the kid on TV, you could actually help the one in your neighborhood. But don't bother - just change the channel until you find another expensive, wasteful drama to watch... maybe something on ESPN.


So you really don't care about Alexis or the millions of other children like her, but you do want to know our opinion on where Elian should grow up? Okay - while we're touched by the romantic notion that a parent must be the best guardian, we wouldn't condemn any child to return to the prison cell that is Cuba.

Most Americans think Elian and his father should return to their native land, but that's only because most Americans know nothing about Cuba. While the world has been focused on the Elian saga, few have noticed that Cuba has once again been censured by the United Nations for human rights abuses. In fact, with the exception of the year 1998, Cuba has been censured for human rights violations every year since 1991.

Would you award custody of a child to a father who was serving time in a US prison? After all, if you can't leave a country freely, how is it really any different from a prison? Cuba is so bad that Elian's mother, like so many others, risked her life to escape. What else do you really need to know?

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  1. I think America should take care of it’s own people and let the parents of kids in other countrys have their kids . We need to take care of our children and sometimes we cant afford to give them the proper dentil and medical so if the US kept it’s nose out of other countrys buisness we’d have money to help the kids that were born in the United States. Take care of home FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. First of all, I know that no one will read this but I writing this out makes me feel better anyway.
    While I am concerned about the living conditions in Cuba, I am more concerned with our constantly insisting our way is better. Does anyone remember what it was like here in the United States in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s? Were we that concerned about human rights then? I don’t think so. People were being exploited by business. Working conditions were terrible. Children were abused by business. They worked many hours each day and lived in the worst of conditions. Did we survive? Have we evolved into a better society? Survive, yes: better society, maybe? My point is we cannot force any government to change it’s ways. The people of that government must do the changing. Everytime we try to force our way on any country, we just get resentment. The opposing government finds ways to discredit our motives and this creates an opportunity for that government to say, ” See, I told you so, those american capitalists are evil”.
    Please, learn from history that change comes from within and no one has ever changed from force.

  3. You self righteous pr**ks! I’m so sick of organizations that are purely profit oriented, such as yourself, trying to make us working stiffs feel guilty about someone elses plight. What have you done for Alexis? Did you fix her teeth? Oh wait, thats right, you said there must be some program to fix them. Did you feed her, give her meds, or anything else? Probably saw her and thought, “cool, there’s my next outrage” and scurried to your word proccessor. Fact is, if the Elian matter would have been handled in the courts, like it should have been, it probably would have cost lees than it does to send an Alexis to a year of our wonderfully inadequate schools.

  4. He belongs with his father. If THEY (since WE have no say in the matter…) don’t send him back because THEY think his home is bad for him, then THEY must get all the kids out of the ghettos and away from their parent (singular, since there is usually only one) and place them in a city or town where THEY feel would be much better for those kids. After all, if the kids parent lives in the ghetto then they have no right to their child, right? Isn’t that what the gov’t. is indicating?

    Now, really, is there TRULY a question as to whether or not the boy should go back to his father??? The father wants his son and loves his son, therefore, it should not matter where the father lives.

    As usual, our government leaders try to get involved in something to show THEY are “great guys” and wind up in a huge mess. So what’s new?

  5. I am outraged. Outraged thinking that the OUTRAGE obviously has a perception of life in Cuba based on deceit, dogma and propoganda. I have been there, beautiful country, wonderful people. Certainly no paradise politically, then again, my government restricts my liberty to trade with friendly people of Cuba and restricts my freedom to travel directly to Cuba. Is it the degree of oppression you weigh when opining that a government has a right to make decisons for a child and not the only surviving parent. Comparing Elians dad to some criminal is unthinkable.Today I am outraged at the OUTRAGE.

  6. I agree fully with your opinion on this matter. Why did they spend so much time and money and effort on this media circus. Like you said, there are thousands and thousands of American children, or as the case may be in my country of Canada, that could have used the money that was wasted on this. If this had happened between an American family, it would have been dismissed as a simple civil matter between the parents. I also agree with the fact that the child should not be forced to back to live in a Communist prison.

  7. It is a tragedy that his mother gave her life that her son Elian might live free from the oppression of Communist Cuba. Sound familiar? I understand the right of a parent to want their son. But what I cannot understand is how could Mr. Gonzales be so selfish as to attempt to drag Elian back into the lions den. Mr. Gonzales is Elians father in genetics only. If Elian had escaped from former East Germany and his father wanted him to return, we never would have even considered his request. Sometimes I wonder what has Castro promised Mr. Gonzales in return for Elian? And as for the tactics used to kidnap Elian… well, that’s exactly what the KGB would have done. I don’t think people really know what at communist state is. But is Reno and her cronies are allowed to run amuck much longer they will surely find out first hand.

  8. Kudos Adam B.! Couldn’t have said it better myself. It saddens me to see just how many Americans take their freedom in Liberty for granted, practically equating our Constitutional Republic with Third World totalitarian rat holes and communist dictatorships, there’s your gun control for those countries. If you don’t think Cuba is that bad then get yourself a raft and shove off!

    This country promised to help the Cubans overthrow Castro and because of appeasement politics and a lack of leadership we allowed those Cuban freedom fighters to walk into a meat grinder without American support when they needed it most, that’s why our policy is different with Cuba than with other countries, we have a moral obligation, we failed them!

    What separates our (so-called) free country with a communist country? The rule of law, the philosophy of law that holds that we are all equal before the law, and as the Clinton Administration comes to an end we have all seen that some Americans are above the law and that different rules apply to them because they have power. Unless freedom loving Americans stand up and put a stop to this trend you can look forward to becoming a surf in the Global Plantation of the 21st century.

    A decade ago the gun control advocates swore up and down that they were not after gun registration while pro Second Amendment rights organizations were saying yes they are and their ultimate goal is to disarm We the People. Now we see the Million Soccer Mom March calling for gun registration and licensing touting misleading and incomplete propaganda statistics of accidental deaths as justification, when the truth is more kids die in swimming pools and in cars then gun accidents.

    Hello people! Can’t you see the handwriting on the wall? Once Americans are disarm we would be no different from Bosnia, Cuba or any other country where the tyrant’s with the Firearms rules those who do not as history has repeatedly demonstrated.

    If you think it can’t happen here you labor under the grossest naivete.

  9. I don’t think Elian should be returned to Cuba. His mother gave her life trying to give him a chance to live life in a free country. His dad can go back if he wants to go, but he should not be allowed to take Elian with him. When Elian is an adult, then he may decide to return to Cuba. It is just not right to take him back to Cuba at this time.
    As to Alexis and the thousands of other children in her predicament, the USA should be helping our children here before they send all the aid to children in other countries. We have thousands of children going hungry or sleeping on the streets every night. Why are they not as important as children in other countries. Those governments don’t even appreciate the aid we give them. They won’t try to help themselves; they just keep their hands out for the next handout. Then they malign our country. Charity begins at home; let’s put the money where it belongs. When every child has a warm place to live, and goes to bed with their tummies full, then we can help people in other countries!

  10. I agree that we should not be spending so much time, money, and effort on the Elian case. He is simply another illegal immigrant and the matter should never have gotten out of hand – just ship him back to his country. I realize conditions in his country are not like the U.S., but as a taxpayer I’m tired of babysitting the rest of the world and their ills. Our idiotic government won’t be happy until they’ve reduced us to another third world country by giving everything we have away. We have U.S. citizens that are living below the poverty line. We should be looking at that problem first, and once solved, then we might turn our attention to helping those outside this country. I would also be in favor of a system that didn’t require citizens to give up their tax dollars to support other countries and their people. This should be voluntary on the part of each U.S. citizen. Those that want to donate, can. But the rest of us should not be forced to “donate” through our tax dollars. It would also benefit this country to completely close our borders to ANY immigration. We have a population surplus and letting more people into the country is stupid. Think about this: no-burn nights, emission controls on cars, water restrictions, overcroweded cities and traffic jams, air and water pollution, overflowing landfills, skyrocketing real estate prices, etc. I could continue naming the ills of society caused by overpopulation but I think the point has been made. It’s time we focused our efforts on THIS country.

  11. The fourth branch of government (media) feeds the ego of our politicians like a narcotic. Backdoor payoffs with communist dictators drive our justice department and clueless mother’s march to remove the second amendment. The divisions are growing wide and the rhetorical noise keeps us from hearing one another. How long can it be before were turn on our own?

  12. Number one, I think most of the people who want Elian to go back to Cuba have never talked to Cubans who have escaped. They do not know the gratitude they feel for being here and how frustrated they are trying to help the relatives that have not gotten out.
    Elian’s mother had custody and chose to take a chance to give him a better life.
    I can only hope that the stepmother might sway Juan Miguel to ask for asylum, but since they have his family under “protection” in Cuba, I doubt he will.

  13. Imagine in the pre-Civil War mid 1800’s that a group of slaves fled their plantation to escape via the Underground Railroad and all drowned as their leaky overcrowded boat sank when they tried to row across the Ohio River. A little boy-slave, five years old, clung to a piece of driftwood and made it to free soil after having seen his mother and the rest of the group drown before his very eyes. The Fugitive Slave Law and the Dred Scott Supreme Court decision required his return to slavery and made the harboring of any fugitive slave a felony even in the North. Nonetheless brave and caring people took the boy in and nurtured him back to health and defied heartless bureaucrats’s demands to deliver his person to their “tender” care.

    Furthermore, a man slave purporting to be his blood father stood before members of the press, while his Massa stood in the background, and sobbed that he loved his son so much that he was willing to have the boy grow up as a beast of burden, harvesting sugar cane and picking cotton, and be subject to the lash because he wanted to have his son grow up with him in slavery. He invoked the principle of a father’s right to his son, even though no such right existed in Southern slavery, even though families could be split up at the whim of the Massa. He declared that he spoke freely even as the shadow of the Massa loomed over his shoulder and the knowledge bore upon him that he had to live on the plantation where retribution for the slightest offense to a cold-hearted Massa could cause the whipping to flay the flesh off his back.

    Now what would yuou do? Believe the slave was speaking freely–even though the boy said he didn’t want to go back–and return the boy or keep the boy in freedom even if the man-slave was speaking freely?

  14. A few things to consider about Elian:
    1. Our government entered his home without a warrant, and essentially “arrested” him without reading him his rights.
    2. Our government deprived him of access to legal counsel prior to his hearing on asylum.
    3. Our government put a six year old boy, that they were ostensibly protecting in the midst of a potential gun battle.
    Does any of this sound familiar?

  15. The second half of your comment about Elian Gonzales is mostly correct. We should indeed be wary of granting custody to a man whom is a prisoner, and whom was let out of prison only after his relatives were taken hostage against him.

    Still, it’s not automatic. The proper way to settle this mess, from the begining, was to appoint a lawyer to represent Elian in family court, hold hearings, and decide what was in the best interest of the child.

    After months of nonsense, the case is at last in court, but there STILL ISN’T A LAWYER FOR THE CHILD!

    But the first half of your comments were wrong.

    Why don’t YOU take Alexis to get her teeth fixed? Answer: you’re not related to her, and thus not allowed to.

    The real problem is that Alexis and children like her are cared for by unfit mothers. And though you don’t mention it, I’d give 2 to 1 that her mother’s on welfare.

    And there is the real problem. We pay women to have children whom will grow up to be paid to have children whom will grow up, etc.

    The solution is obvious. End the welfare system as it exists now. Any person whom cannot make it in modern America can apply for welfare, but they immediately become legal children, with no right to vote, choose where or how to live, etc. And they don’t get the right to vote back till they’ve been off welfare for five years.

  16. Hey, President Clinton!!
    If you’d have spent the millions of dollars that was wasted on Elian Gonzales and used it to feed and clothe poor kids it’d have made more sense. Clinton, you’re sick!!

  17. He should have been sent back to Cuba at first moment he was well enough to travel, along with all of the other illegal aliens from Cuba and every where else they sneak into The United States of America

  18. Have we, as a country and a people, lost our way in this world? Your comments about all the kids in need and one kid from Cuba in particular, are vivid illustrations of our new National Motto “What’s the government going to do about……..?”
    The great debate that rages across the land isn’t really about a kid, his dad or Cuba. It’s all about the power of the socialist-communist movement in this country and its systematic attack on the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The major mainstream media is the weapon of choice for the socialist-communist movement and they use it to manipulate the ignorant masses to willing surrender their God given liberty to a Godless philosophy. Americans tend to see everything as a short term proposition. The Wall is gone, the Chinese make good food and we won! What’s to worry about now? Let’s all be friends. The communists and socialists are dedicated to a very long term process that may require many generations before they finally remove all concepts of liberty and freedom from the minds of those they rule. Each small victory for these people is one more step on the “long march” and sending this kid back to Cuba and what awaits him there, is a victory for communism. Yes, we do have lots of kids in need and that very thought is strategic to the media effort to persuade us to sacrifice the Cuban kid and condemn those that believe in the idea that freedom for even one little person is worth fighting for. What will the magic number for turning our heads be the next time? Two? Five? A thousand? A million? Pick a number and pray that you aren’t part of it.
    Yes, we have kids in need too. How is that possible in a state overrun with welfare programs, social organizations and churches? Where billions of dollars are designated each year for people in need? We have destroyed the value of human life, marriage, personal responsibility, and compounded the destruction by elevating the most perverse of human activity to be glorified and sactified by those same little socialist – communists and their brethren in the media. Right and Wrong have no meaning. Starving a child in order to drink, get a fix or have a smoke, is acceptable behaviour. In fact, in the eyes of this segment of humanity, it’s always someone elses fault.
    The real issue that faces each of us isn’t that we may have lots of hungry, needy kids in our land, as sad as it may be. The true issue is the dilution and loss of the meaning of liberty, freedom and justice for everyone, including you and I, now and far into the future. Yes, one little kid is worth it or one guy writing “now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country” as an exercise in literature. Keep the focus and ignore the spin masters.

  19. Send all the spics back on the raft they came on, including the Miami criminals. Give Miami and America back to the Americans and lets take care of our own, starting with Alexis.

  20. Our Goverment is always trying to be the “Big Brother” to Other countries, we should be taking care of our own in our own backyard first!!

  21. Send the child back to this father and send the bill for expenses to those in Florida that “Kidnapped” the child. “Via America”.

  22. How do we know Elian was not placed on this earth to be Castro’s assasin? We muddle much to much. Are we not doing exactly what we are accusing cuba of doing and taking total control over another person?

  23. I think this whole Elian case is nothing but a bunch of political BS. Let the Uncle raise the kid and send the father packing. If he loves cuba so much I seriously doubt he realy truely loves his son. If he did he would want him to grow up somewhere where he would get a decent education and maybe someday amount to someone super special. As for Janet Reno? Hang the communist witch.

  24. Let those who favor our government supporting the unfortunate in other countries pay for it in extra taxes to support their opinions. See how much they to say then!

  25. If Elian’s mother tried to escape Cuba, it seems Elian’s father likes his country enough to enjoy living over there.
    Two different points of view in the same family: just like one votes democrat, the other republican.
    If States stops boycotting Cuba, the people will stop suffering and freedom will come naturally.
    There might be human rights violation in Cuba, but you don’t here that children are killing other children, just because they are proud and free to carry weapons as in States.

  26. It’s about time someone realized that you don’t need to be on TV
    to need help! The major media is only concerned with BIG
    news -the little person in America goes unnoticed! Great job
    keep up the good work!

  27. To start off with, complaining about the American government throwing away millions of dollars is like complaining about the leaky roof on a sinking houseboat…it’s damned stupid to complain about the water sprinkling in thru the ceiling when you have river gushing up through the floor.
    The hemorrhadging in other more drastic areas of the government budget dwarfs such an expenditure as the Elian case into insignificance. You want to get a *real* picture of the level of government waste? Take a meter stick. Now, let each centimeter equal a million dollars. Mark off the number of millions wasted in the Elian case.
    Now, take any of your favorite government porkbelly projects, one that involves 2 or 3 *billion.* Mark that amount off in *meters* (1,000 centimeters), then compare the two lengths.
    The Elian Expenditure seems like chump change now, doesn’t it.
    Now, point two: Elian is not alone.
    Right now, there are *thousands* of refugees— many of them children– who have fled places as bad as or worse than Cuba, on the mere promise of freedom— and who have been betrayed by our government and handed back over to their tyrannical governments. Elian is merely the first one who generated enough idle interest in the mass media to warrant coverage.
    Elian has become a literal litmus test for how we treat our most desperate of refugees…. and, by the inadvertant nature of his celebrity status, may turn the fates in favor of those who come to our shores seeking refuge… and who till now have been unceremoniously kicked off our collective property, and had a deaf ear turned to their cries for succor.
    The expenditure on Elian’s case was inevitable. The return to be gained from that investment is entirely up to us.

  28. Which prison cell has the most doctors per capita than any other country
    in the western hemisphere? In which prison cell do the most students
    finish highschool? In which prison cell do the most highschool
    grads go on to universities? You guessed it, Cuba. Back in the
    sixties any and all persons were welcome in this country
    if they were from Cuba. Welcome? They were paid
    to come here. Meanwhile if you were from Guatamala, El Salvador or any other country
    run by a bloody dictatorship our government chose to support, you were
    sent back to extreme poverty and a good chance of being shot or worse
    yet tortured to death. The whole thing was to make propaganda. What is different
    now is that those in power feel less urgency in making propaganda now that
    the Soviet Union has collapsed. All they must do now is wait for Castro
    to die and buy off whoever is left. The island will then be turned back over to capital,
    the church and the Mafia. Then there will be no “human rights abuses”. I agree with many
    of your outrages but not this one.

  29. People have compared the situation of Elian Gonzales to that of a child
    traveling with his father, say, in Canada. If something happened to the
    father, they say, is there any doubt that the child would be quickly sent
    back to his native country and to the custody of his mother?

    Something is overlooked in this metaphor. Elian’s mother lost her life in
    a desperate attempt to escape. She sacrificed her life to bring her child
    to freedom. She gambled everything to bring him to a land where he would
    not have to fear the knock on the door in the middle of the night, the
    jack-booted thugs breaking down the door….


    Never mind.

  30. My opinion is the same. The boy made to the US so let him stay. Stop all this media and spending dollars on what should be done. If a US child made it to Cuba (or any other country) that country wouldn’t do what the US has done. Charity starts at home.

  31. While I generally agree with your position on most subjects, I will have to disagree on this one.

    While your comparison of the two children is accurate, and indeed the money spent was nothing short of idiotic, the decision to send this child back to its natural remaining parent was the correct one.

    The United States cannot wet nurse the world, and it is high time that we stop trying to do so. Most of the children in this world are born and raised under conditions which an American would consider sub-standard or worse. Let those peoples who populate those countries change them from within, I am tired of them simply abandoning them to come to the United States for a handout. Its time to draw the line!

  32. I am absolutely sickened by the money and attention that has been paid to this event. You are right – think of the hundreds, if not thousands of American children that could have been helped! These people are living in the lap of luxury while here in the U.S. while our government panders to the Cuban communists. I indeed am outraged!

  33. In my opinion there are several issues to be addressed here. First of all in our country, we do not take children away from their parents just because we do not agree with their polical beliefs. I don’t understand how anyone can condone taking that little boy away from his father. If the father chooses to raise his son in Cuba that is his right. He doesn’t have to and contrary to what some people think–everyone that lives in Cuba does not hate being there. Another issue is that his mother left Cuba because her boyfriend wanted to. That is according to her mother and everyone else that has been interviewed that knew her has said. Also, it was not necessary for them to leave Cuba in that manner. Since 1980-after the Mariel boatlift, our country and Cuba made an agreement that we accept 20,000 refugees every year as legal aliens. The Cubans that want to leave apply at the American Embassy in Cuba. That agreement was made to stem the tide of rafters and it has worked. Elian’s mother had never applied for a visa to leave. Lastly, those miami cuban relatives defy belief! We should prosecute them for obstruction of justice and bill them for all the expenses incurred to get that boy back with his father. Well, that is my opinion. I usually agree with the Outrage, but not this time.

  34. This country needs to take it’s nose out of all those places where it does not belong. First of all, Elian is nothing more than an illegal alien trying (via his mom of course) to slip into this country and add to it’s already booming population of poverty stricken, non-english speaking, welfare collecting sponges. And lets face it, what the illegal immigrant of a mother wanted for her son really dosen’t matter any more, does it? She died in her criminal attempt to cross the “border”. Now the father is the only one who has any rights. PERIOD. Unless he has been proven abusive or in some other way unfit to raise this child, who the hell has the right to tell him how or where he has the right to do it? Quite frankly, if this were an American child in a foriegn country, the U S would never tolerate this crap. Yet we, as a nation, feel free to impose our beliefs, laws, and power on the rest of the world. If it was our child being held in Cuba, we would have blown half of Cuba off the map by now. Why? Because if we didn’t, someone might think we don’t rule the world. Give this kid back to his father, where he belongs, and if you want to defend the people of Cuba against themselves and their tyrant of a ruler, go after Cuba, not the little victims who live there.

  35. I believe that the time and money spent by the US gov’t. on the “Elian issue” was completely wasted. It could have been better spent on reducing taxes, and or improving citizen’s lives.

  36. I feel the madness must stop. I don’t think we should spend one more dime on Elian. Send him and his father back to Cuba. I don’t want to support them anymore!! Talk about an outrage!!

    NO–means NO.
    its to bad theres so meany
    commie would be’s in OUR
    gov’t.we should send them
    to cuba.
    it’s odious what there doing
    to the american people.

  37. I do believe that Cuba is a horrible place to live but we should worry about the people in our own country first…plain and simple.

  38. The kid belongs to his father, and belongs with his father. Everything else is a separate argument and must be considered separately. Whether or not Cuba is a good place to live, or whether he made it to US shores, or whether… does not matter. He belongs with his dad by rule of law in every nation on earth and by common sense. After that we can debate if Cuba is a good place to raise a family….

  39. I am sick to death of all the hoopla about this kid. All this nonsense needs to stop, he needs to be given to his father and all of them sent back to Cuba without further delay. Wonder if we could ever find out how much of our tax money has been spent? IT IS TRULY AN OUTRAGE!!!!

  40. Elian belongs with his father. Enough money and time has been spent on this matter. Also, what ticks me off is that Cubans want to come to Fla. and turn it into Havana with all U.S. benefits and not learn English. I feel I am in a foreign country when I visit Miami.

  41. 1. Certain people, mainly in the twisted country of the U.S., have far too much time on their hands. They should play with themselves more often.
    2. Gov’t officials should become banther fodder.
    3. I forgot all about this kid until I checked out this cool site, good work people!
    4. At the end of the day, does it matter what country this kid grows up in? I mean really, this is ridiculous. Has mankind become stupendously infantile all of a sudden? This makes me sick.
    4. Shouldn’t we be slightly concerned with curing major diseases (Cancer, AIDS, Diabetes). Let the stupid brat live with his father. BIG YAY!!!! Who will care in 10 years, or 6 months for that matter? Will you?

  42. My answer to this question is no!!! If that kid was a few years older he would have been put on a boat as soon as he was picked up and sent right back just like thousands of Cubans in the past. But again our fabulouse government and the media found a way to louse up again. If this would have been handled like most refugee incidents in the past nobody would even know that Ellian exists. Once again our screwed up government found someplace to stick it beurocratic nose in where it doesn’t belong. Who cares what Castro is doing to his people. We have stuck our noses in before and almost started WW3 many times. Are you prepared to go to war with a little backward country like Cuba over a kid? Not me!!! I say send him and his father(if that is what you call someone who abandons their kid and when a gun is pointed at his head remembers he has a kid)back to Cuba and be done with it. Thanks for letting me sound off. Randy

  43. I don’t want to be cruel but all this media over expose had me saying “throw the kid back in the ocean, let nature decide.”

  44. Personnally, I think the kid should be treated like any other illegal alien that tries to get into this country. Process him and ship him the hell back to Cuba. Let “El Jefe” put up with all this crap for a while

  45. As far as I am concerned, we should send both Elian and his sperm-donor of a father back to Cuba, with a bill to be delivered to Castro, for all of the costs associated with this international fiasco.
    Send them BACK and DEMAND that if Castro cannot keep his prisoners inside the prison, then maybe he should erect a better perimeter.

  46. I’m not going to give you my rant about all the things wrong with Cuba, the decision with Elian, U.S. Government, etc…because it would take a half an hour to read it. I know it would make perfect sense to you and anyone with an open mind. I don’t think it would work, however, because the people that would disagree are the ones who are ignorant and biased and have closed minds and wouldn’t even listen to what I have to say. I will say this though. Why are there so many Cubans living in America, even those that want Elian sent back? Why don’t those people that do want him sent back go to Cuba themselves, not as politions or religious leaders (Ahem, the Pope?), but as normal people to be treated as any average Cuban?

  47. Elian Gonzalez, Si–Clinton, Reno, Craig, No!
    <a href=”http://www.crosscircuit.com/html/Musicals/JPoppins.html”>
    Janet Poppins</a>Follow this link to be outraged!

  48. hypocrisy, n. pl. -sies 1. a pretense of having a virtuous character, moral or religious beliefs or principles, etc. that one does not possess. 2. a pretense of having some desirable or publicly approved attitude.

    I think that this would apply to the president, a church going Christian who has oral sex with someone other than his wife.

    1. Elian’s mother Elizabet gave up her life to save her son’s. 2. Elian requested political asylum.
    These are facts. We may not be able to save “the world” but we can endeavor to save on six-year-old boy, Elian Gonzalez. To support Elian’s request for asylum does not make one a hypocrite. Anyone who claims to be in favor of civil liberties while supporting the Castro regime would in my opinion make that person a prime candidate for “Hypocrite of the Year”.

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