CLINTON’S AMOROUS ADVENTURES! Normally our small crew here at the Outrage is pretty like-minded.

We all agree that Sade Adu is the ultimate goddess. We all think that spammers, personal injury attorneys, and Rupert Murdoch should be shipped off to Botswana. We all agree that Mr. Darcy is the coolest character in Pride and Prejudice.

But our little hovel -- we mean office -- has been sharply divided over the Clinton sex scandal. The comments below represent a few of our conflicting opinions, as well as some of the thoughts of Outraged readers and other assorted ne'er-do-wells. After you peruse the comments and questions below, use our Rageback section to add your thoughts to our grisly stew.

  • What a man does with other consenting adults in his own office is his own damn business.
  • Really, I would think his wife might take an interest. And what about the fact that he's supposed to be working in the Oval Office? All this took place on government property, with government employees, at taxpayers' expense.
  • Hillary Clinton called the whole thing "a vast right-wing conspiracy." But I guess with a husband like Bill you need to be pretty creative in creating excuses.
  • The most interesting conspiracy theory we've heard came from a conservative who thought the DNC cooked up the whole thing to get Gore into office, in order to give him a better chance in 2000.
  • Where does Clinton find the energy and the time for these amorous adventures? I think we have to admire a man of that age who can keep up that kind of pace. Plus, he has to devote at least a little time to running the government. He should give time-management seminars if he gets impeached.
  • Everyone knew Clinton was a sleazy character when he was elected president. Not once, but twice. This is democracy at work, and the people deserve what they get. I would have been surprised if some scandal like this had NOT been uncovered.
  • Who really cares? With all the truly outrageous things happening in the world, Clinton's sex life is totally insignificant. How does it compare, for instance, with a potential chemical weapons strike by Iraq against Israel?
  • Wrong -- it's very significant. The fact that the elected leader of the world's only superpower commits adultery and generally lives his life in such a fashion is a real reflection on the decline of morality in public life.
  • This is a serious matter, not a trivial one. On the day that Clinton allegedly groped job applicant Kathleen Willey in the Oval Office, Willey's husband committed suicide. Willey's family had serious financial problems, and all the boss could think about was gettin' some.
  • Clinton should be impeached -- not because of the scandal, but because of his atrocious taste in women. Have you seen pictures of Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, and Monica Lewinsky? The most powerful man on earth and he can't do any better than them? Outrageous!
  • The amount of media attention devoted to this is an Outrage. A random sampling revealed that the top four stories on Reuters Online were about the scandal; other media outlets were following suit and relegating international and domestic affairs to page B while they focused on the President's love life.
  • Does adultery still matter? The Washington Times carried an amusing account of Moses coming down from Mount Sinai. He says he has good news and bad news. The good news is that "I finally talked Him down to ten. The bad news is adultery's still one of them."
  • Men in power always have had extramarital affairs and always will. Look at Martin Luther King -- he was a notorious philanderer and he's now regarded as a demi-god. The entire Kennedy clan, the most powerful family in America, wouldn't know the meaning of fidelity if you made it part of the marriage vow. Clinton's no worse than all the rest. Fidelity's for the little people.
  • Any man who's married to Hillary should be forgiven just about anything.
  • Clinton and his wife should be impeached, simply for their outrageous hypocrisy. The way that they walked into church last Sunday holding hands, with Bill holding a bible, was just too much. Way too much.
  • The issue is not about adultery. The real issue here is that the president persuaded an employee to commit perjury. Regardless of what you think of infidelity, obstruction of justice is a serious offense.
  • Horse puckey. Of course Clinton lied, and tried to get others to lie. Would you admit to every detail of your private life? He had no choice but to lie, after his privacy had been invaded.
  • Isn't it a little scary that Paula Jones and her lawyers can force people to submit the details of their personal lives to public examination? What if the publisher of Outrage propositions Nichole (our cute young receptionist)? When Nichole sues him, and he counter-sues, does that mean we all have to reveal who's sleeping with whom? Maybe it's a good thing that we're all too busy, poor, and pathetic to have personal lives.
  • Paula Jones should have just slapped his face or kicked Clinton in the groin and let it go at that. Only in America could an entire government be in crisis due to a few tasteless propositions.
  • That's true -- only in America. But that's because America is the only country where morality is still taken seriously -- at least by some portion of the populace. And that's why America is the only superpower.
  • The allegations and attendant media coverage have roiled financial markets around the world. The prices of stocks, bonds, and gold have been affected by the scandal. What if none of it is true? Isn't it outrageous how the unproven allegations of a few women can cause international turmoil?
  • Andy Bleiler, who allegedly had an affair with Monica Lewinsky, has said Lewinsky has a habit of "twisting facts," and was actively seeking to have affairs with the politically powerful in Washington. Maybe the woman who has caused the international furor is just an ambitious liar?
  • Doesn't the man have anything better to do? Bill Clinton has the most interesting, most important job in the world, and he wastes his time with unseemly affairs. C'mon Bill, get back on the job.
  • In America you're still innocent until proven guilty. Nothing has been proven against Clinton; only alleged. He has not been convicted of any crime by any court. He's being tried in the media, and that's outrageous.
  • I just wonder who Clinton sends Valentines to on February 14? The only thing we can all agree on is that we've got to reevaluate our intern program.

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