Yesterday, we told you the pathetic story of California resident Bill Farrell, who has been robbed so many times he has taken to publicly telling potential thieves that there is nothing left to steal in his house.

And if California taxpayers pay for police protection, we asked yesterday, "Where does all that money go?" Well, thanks to Outraged reader Jim Ray, we now know.

Jim pointed out that current Los Angeles police chief Willie Williams is being paid $375,000 to leave quietly. In other words, rather than paying to get police protection, LA taxpayers are paying through the nose to protect themselves from the wrath of a failed police chief.

That's right, Outraged readers. You may have thought it was supposed to work the other way -- you get rewarded if you do your job well, and fired if you fail. But that was in the old America. In our Brave New World, things work a little differently.

Williams received a poor job performance rating for his first five-year term as police chief -- not surprising, given the demoralized mess which calls itself the LA Police Department. He was cited by the police commission for poor management abilities and lack of integrity. The commission decided not to renew his contract. Williams was not even being fired; the police commission just decided not to renew his contract for a second five-year term.

In keeping with the new American way, led of course, by California, Williams threatened to sue. (In the old America, he would have hung his head in shame for the pitiful job he's done, and tried to slink out of town without anyone noticing.) Of course, the LA City Council -- governing body for a city that lives in fear of gangs, corrupt police, and drive-by shootings -- gave in.

Yes, Outraged readers, this is what American public policy has come to: we have to bribe our "public servants" with big money when they bungle things. Otherwise, they'll send the blood-sucking lawyers after us.

Not only does Williams get the $375,000 lump sum payment, he is also eligible to immediately begin drawing his taxpayer-funded pension.

(Source Reuters.)

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