May 20, 1997


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We certainly hope so, even if you're one of the unfortunate 100,000 Kansas City commuters who will be stuck in traffic today because major sections of the freeway have been shut down.

Why, you may ask, is one of the busiest sections of freeway in the midwest being shut down for several hours today? Has OJ escaped to Missouri? Major infrastructure repairs? Military exercises? Well, probably none of those reasons would be sufficient to inconvenience tens of thousands of the city's residents.

The real reason: British rock band U2 has taken a fancy to the Kansas City skyline as a backdrop for their latest music video, entitled "Do You Feel Loved?" The rockers decided they needed major sections of the freeway cut off to shoot their video today.

We're guessing that Kansas City commuters will be feeling some emotion other than love as they discover that their traveling plans have been destroyed. Almost no notice was given: the city issued a short press release on Monday afternoon for the Tuesday morning shutdown.

"I can't believe the stupidity of it," said Mike Right, vice president of public affairs for the AAA Auto Club of Missouri.

You too may wonder about the wisdom of a city government that inconveniences thousands of taxpayers so that MTV viewers can watch a slightly more realistic two minute video clip. On the other hand, if they suggested shutting down Washington for a while....

(Source: Kansas City Star.)

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