August 20, 1997


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Everyone has their own way of demonstrating honor and integrity. Here at The Outrage, we do it by rebuffing Rupert Murdoch’s insistent buyout offers.

English gentlemen of the 18th century engaged in duels with men whom they believed had impugned their honor. (Fortunately, this custom was outlawed, or else your favorite editors here at the DO would be constantly cleaning our dueling pistols.)

Japanese warriors proved their honor by upholding the code of bushido. They would even commit seppuku, or ritual suicide, in order to maintain their honor and uphold the way of the warrior.

Some lower-class Egyptian fathers have a different way of upholding “family honor and integrity.” They don’t kill manly opponents or themselves. They prove their “honor” by brutally killing their…daughters.

Marzouk Ahmed Abdel-Rabin beheaded his own daughter, and them proudly displayed her freshly severed head to his neighbors. By killing his 25-year-old daughter after she eloped, he believed that “…the family has regained its honor.”

On Monday, another man in a village outside of Cairo was arrested for dousing his 19-year-old daughter with fuel and setting her on fire. She had also married secretly after her father had refused her suitor’s request for permission to marry the daughter.

These are not isolated incidents. Activists say that scores of Egyptian women are killed or beaten for having pre-marital sex, eloping, being seen with a man who is not a relative, or going outside without a veil.

Here at The Outrage we’re all for honor–even family honor. But we kinda thought it had more to do with things like earning an honest living or protecting family members from danger. I guess we just don’t understand multi-culturalism.

(Source: CNN.)

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