Real Numbers 

COVID and Hospital Capacity – Sensationalized News vs. Reality

While hospitals in some areas, such as in New York, are over capacity, the average occupancy rate of hospitals across the US is now

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2017 : Miracle in the Air

Almost 37 million flights and not a single death on a commercial passenger flight in 2017. This was one of the greatest feats of

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China Wealth Doubles, US Flat

Over the last 10 years, real per capita income rose 123% in China, compared to a 9% growth rate in the U.S. Let’s say

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Latin America Is the Murder Capital of the World

Country Murders in 2016 according to U.N Population Murders per 1,000 Population Entire European Union 5,351 741 million 0.007 China 8,634 1379 million 0.006

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Americans Spend More on Health Care – But Don’t Live Longer

Country Ranking in terms of life expectancy – 2015 Life expectancy in years – 2015 Total amount spent on health care per capita –

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