Daily Outrage 

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

How do you defend yourself against an accusation made about an act that supposedly occurred 36 years ago? It would be impossible under normal

Just Do It – Spit on America

Kaepernick Deal: Nike May Discover To Be Woke Is No Joke Just Do It: Nike’s decision to make controversial former quarterback Colin Kaepernick the face

Why the Biggest Names in Business are About to Fail

Buffett, Dimon, and Bezos are business Gods. But not smart enough to know that their new venture to combat health care costs will fail,

We Have a (Different) Dream!

We have a dream. Someday, in this great land of ours, people, even lawyers and political activists, will come to believe that character really

What Trump and Obama Have in Common

Feelings about Obamacare? Nope. Thoughts on environmental sustainability? Nope. But Obama and Trump do act exactly the same in regards to their taxpayer funded