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Thanksgiving Dinner Shocker

Most of the time we’re pretty outraged. It keeps our heart pumping and gets us ready for the daily battle. On Thanksgiving, not so

Most Appeciated? MLK or Vets?

Today, the observance – or not – of Veterans Day is a perfect time to understand modern America.  There are over 20 million veterans

Amazon’s Great Bait and Switch – The Only Winner is Amazon

If you’ve followed the seemingly endless saga of Amazon’s HQ2 you’ll know the basic storyline. In September of 2017 Amazon announced that it was

Rampage – MacArthur, Yamashita, and the Battle of Manila

A brand new book, Rampage, details the absolutely barbaric behavior by the Japanese during the World War Two battles for control of the Philippines. 

2017 : Miracle in the Air

Almost 37 million flights and not a single death on a commercial passenger flight in 2017. This was one of the greatest feats of

In America, the Adults act like Children

Remarkably enough, in a county as rich as the United States, in an economic boom time, with virtually no unemployment, about 40% of Americans

China Wealth Doubles, US Flat

Over the last 10 years, real per capita income rose 123% in China, compared to a 9% growth rate in the U.S. Let’s say

Amazon HQ 2- Space is the Winner!

You’ve no doubt heard that Amazon’s second headquarters is one of the most fiercely sought projects in the history of corporate boot licking. HQ2