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What Trump and Obama Have in Common

Feelings about Obamacare? Nope. Thoughts on environmental sustainability? Nope. But Obama and Trump do act exactly the same in regards to their taxpayer funded

Drug Dealing and Grand Theft – Now Legal

For the 7 months during 2016 that he was CEO of Valeant Pharmaceuticals, Joseph Papa was paid $62.7 million. Papa started in May of

How Many Americans are Black?

The typical American estimates the percentages of blacks and Hispanics in this country to be more than twice as high as they actually are.

The Craziest Jury Verdict Ever!

This message has been deleted in its entirety*           * Here at the Outrage, we rant long and loud about

Have Americans just Become Dumb Animals?

Have Americans just become dumb animals, willing to silently take any beating inflicted on them by their own government? In the land of the