Big Tech Goes Hard Left on the Vote Count 

It may be hard to count all the votes, but it’s not hard to count all the ways big tech tries to influence the vote count.

Yesterday Facebook took down a pro-Trump group with over 300,000 members that were protesting the vote-counting process. Facebook said some of the members advocated violence, although there has not been any violence by such groups. Meanwhile, Facebook certainly didn’t take down BLM advocates who encouraged rioting and violent protests.

Same with Twitter; they censor and “fact-check” only groups on the right that whose views Twitter employees oppose. Conservatives like Rush Limbaugh are heavily censored.

But the king of political hypocrisy must be Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos, aka the richest man in the world.  Even with free digital space, there’s not enough room to count all his hypocrisy, but here’s a crude first draft:

The Bezos owned Washington Post has turned its front page into an anti-Trump editorial page, calling any claim by Trump about vote fraud “unsubstantiated” and “baseless”.  Just like Twitter, they “fact-check” Trump, but not any of the ridiculous claims by liberal groups. The Post, and groups like it, calls all of Trump's claims baseless while repeating Hillary Clinton’s baseless claims that the 2016 election was “stolen” by Trump without comment.

While Bezo positions himself as a caring liberal, with special attention to the needs of gays, he uses any means possible to enrich himself, while his Washington Post champions the causes of the poor and oppressed.

Amazon got a big head start by not having to pay sales taxes in the early years of the Internet, which did much to destroy the livelihoods of middle-class retailers. But hey, he’s a sensitive guy: He used Amazon to “show support for the black community”.  In reality, he’s impartial in his gouging; black or white, if you sign up for an Amazon store card and carry at balance, it will be at the unconscionable rate of 26%.

The Amazon subsidiary, AWS has sued the defense department for awarding a contract to Microsoft instead of AWS. His liberal employees at the Post may want to make love rather than war, but Bezos wants that $10 billion from the defense department pretty badly.

Bezos used Amazon’s search for a second headquarters as a way to get local and state subsidies for the world’s richest man; when New York balked, he pulled out. Arlington Virginia paid up and got HQ2.

Bezos is too cheap to pay his own low-level employees decently; order from Amazon Fresh and the system will default to your giving the poor delivery guy a $5 tip, so Amazon doesn’t have to pay them.

But these are all trivial complaints to the ways in which big tech has profited from the government enforced shutdowns across the US.  The Washington Post and all of big tech have supported these shutdowns, which have enriched Bezos, and other tech titans, by literally over a trillion dollars. Stock prices for Amazon, Google, Facebook, Apple, and others have skyrocketed as US consumers have been forced to stay home and order goods online.

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