Schools Out for Fall 

To understand how the American university system works, and why college students will be taking all their classes online this fall, you need to think in terms of religion. “Higher Education” in America has nothing to do with “learning” or “open minds’, and everything to do with worshipping at the altar of prevailing orthodoxies.

Think of professors as priests. The religion is whatever secular liberal orthodoxy happens to reign at the moment. Things like “evidence” are completely ignored when they conflict with the orthodoxy of the day.

It’s been this way a long time. Back when Stalin was slaughtering his fellow Russians, American academics were busy talking up the “noble experiment” of Communism.

Freud had virtually no evidence at all for any of his theories but that didn’t stop academics' endless promotion of talk therapy and Freudianism.

Socialism failed miserably everywhere it was tried – but is still going strong in the classrooms of American colleges.

Academic economists believe in “efficient markets”, although anyone who has any real working experience in stock and bond markets knows those theories are laughable.

Most recently, despite overwhelming evidence that only people with preexisting respiratory illnesses need to fear COVID-19, a condition that overwhelmingly affects older people, American college professors have refused to go back to the classroom.

But does it really make any difference? The students won’t be learning anything in the classrooms or online; just how to mouth the professor’s platitudes, and don’t forget to wear a mask.

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