Does Bezos Need a Tip? 

Amazon is a great and useful company but it would be a lot more popular if it’s founder, Jeff Bezos, didn’t try to gouge the public at every opportunity.

In late 2018 Amazon announced it would get a variety of public subsidies from the state of Virginia for locating its second headquarters there.

And now the world’s richest man expects the public to tip drivers for deliveries from Amazon’s Fresh food service? Maybe if Bezos paid his drivers decently, the public wouldn’t have to supplement their pay.

Note that on an $18 dollar delivery - even with a Prime membership which is supposed to include "free" delivery, the default option is a $5 tip or 27%! On other pages, it says "Recommended" next to the tip box. You can edit the tip amount, but why should you have to even think about this when the world's richest man can take a few of his billions and use it to properly pay his employees?

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