One Brave Man in a World of Cowards 

One Brave Man in a World of Cowards Thank Goodness for Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO. In a world of grey, politically correct business leaders who seem to be mainly focused on getting government bailouts, Musk is actually challenging the government over the ridiculous lockdown.

Musk has opened the Freemont production facility while everyone else in business seems to be hiding under their desks. There is serious disagreement over whether the lockdowns actually save lives, but there is no question that they cause massive unemployment and misery around the globe.

You really know that Altas has Shrugged when productive men like Elon Musk have to take orders from government dweebs like Dr. Anthony Fauci, who would have everyone hiding under their desks until some impossible-to-obtain-in-the-real-world standard of safety was met.

Meanwhile, its difficult to even determine who has the authority to allow people to go back to work. President Trump says Telsa should be allowed to restart the factory, and, whatever you may think of Trump, he is the head of the US federal government. But the state of California says “no.” Or is it the county of Alameda saying no? Or someone else?

It’s easy to shut everything down in a country where cowardice is now regarded as a virtue; but it takes a loose cannon like Tusk to defy the authorities and try to get people back to work again.


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