Politicians Fantasies Come True! 

Politicians Fantasies Come True! Every politician has a secret dream: a fantasy of unlimited power and massive irresponsible spending.

And through the miracle of rampant, irrational fear, and a complete inability of the masses to intelligently analyze risk, that dream has come true for thousands of politicians around the world.

Tell your slaves to stay at home! They’ll be arrested if they leave home!

We can spend trillions! Without any oversight! Debt? Who cares? Worry about it later!

Tell them they can only go outside to go shopping at the break of dawn, and they can’t buy alcohol!

They can’t get married! They can’t even attend funerals if a loved one dies!

And the best part is that no one fights it! Unbelievable! The scared masses are like putty in our hands!

No pesky legal challenges! Constitution? Bill of Rights? Trashed right from the very start, without even a fight!

Of course, all dreams take work, and this dream-come-true is the result of many years of endless toil, politicians working with academics and the media to convince people that thinking for yourself was – well, just something no one does anymore!

Everyone says the same thing, so it must be right! Stay at home, hide under your bed – meet with no one! Google says it on their home page; everyone on TV says it! The president says it! We believe it!

It used to be, back in the bad days, that politicians had to kill millions to even get people to pay attention. Hitler was killing all the Jews in Germany before anyone noticed. When Stalin was massacring millions, not only did no one object, but American commentators kept referring to his “noble experiment”. Same with Mao. And the blood was running through the killing fields of Cambodia without objection while the Khmer Rouge ran amok.

But this is so much better. Worldwide unquestioning blind obedience without the trouble of all that messy violence, and hardly an uptick in the worldwide death rate. 200,000 people around the world dead from COVID; a tiny fraction of the deaths that occur every single year in car crashes, from preventable heart disease, from cancer, from all sorts of things. Yet we get unlimited power! Is this great or what!

China’s Communist chairman Xi Jinping has even announced plans to publish a book about how his decisive action to shut down China saved the country, while leaders in democracies foolishly hesitated (briefly) to think it over.

Leaders in “democratic” countries around the world are now taking lessons from the world’s biggest dictatorship.

Not only are politicians having all their dreams realized, but this is a great time to be a fascist-in-training. People who would normally have no power at all – say, officers of a neighborhood homeowners association, now get to act like world dictators! No one can enter your house except family members! No one can visit the condo you paid for! Emergency rules! And with no actual legal basis at all!

We salute the politicians of the world who have at last achieved total victory and total power over the sheep we used to call citizens.


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