Do People Who Die from Heart Disease Matter? 

Is someone who dies from COVID-19 more important than someone who dies from a better-known cause, like heart disease or a car accident or an Opioid overdose?

Do the families of people who die from cancer face less grief than the families of people who die from COVID-19?

Are health care workers who work with car accident victims less noble than those who work with COVID-19?

The world has shut down to prevent the spread of COVID-19, resulting in epic unemployment, massive taxpayer losses, and complete dislocations of society.

If one 1/100th of the same efforts were made to stop other causes of death, the impact would have been much greater.

Far, far more people die from heart disease than die from COVID-19. Heart disease is completely preventable with simple, known steps such as exercise, improved diets, and meditation to reduce stress. And heart disease kills people every single year.

But that’s not nearly as easy to sensationalize in the news and social media, right?

And fighting something like heart disease requires work, discipline, and long term focus. So instead of hunkering in your bunker, watching TV, and eating Cheetos, you’d have to work out and eat carrots. And who wants that?

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2 comments on “Do People Who Die from Heart Disease Matter?

  1. Now isn’t the time to be hammering home your opinions. These are desperate times, es’e, so let’s get with the program.

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