This is the Cost of Saving One Person from COVID-19 

This is the Cost of Saving One Person from COVID-19 What is the cost of saving one already sick elderly person from dying from COVID-19?

Is it heartless to ask about the cost, in human terms? What if we’re doing more damage than good?

For every single person that is saved by a lockdown and social distancing, this is the cost:

  • Thousands of people will lose their jobs.
  • Other people will die from heart disease as a result of the lockdown.
  • A woman will be beaten by her husband as domestic abuse cases rise and frustration and boredom reach intolerable levels.
  • The kids down the street will lose, forever, part of their education.
  • Everyone will learn that democracy and personal liberty can be thrown out the window at the first signs of big trouble.
  • The business owner who lives next door who spent decades building her small business will be wiped out.
  • Another couple will get divorced, as the stress of losing work and being confined with the kids takes its toll.
So, congratulations – my 88-year-old mother gets to live 9 months longer in her retirement home than she would have otherwise. But even she doesn’t want others to pay this kind of price.



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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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2 comments on “This is the Cost of Saving One Person from COVID-19

  1. Not to mention how none of the statements he makes are actually cited. The one with the link is just a link to another one of his pages, which actually gives specific numerical data with not a single citation.

  2. Your logic is badly flawed – it’s like saying we should ease back the laws about cars being fitted with seatbelts as only X %of the population die from car crashes each year.

    The fact deaths are low is exactly BECAUSE of the safety measures being out in place.

    Watch a YouTube clip from some of the nurses in horrific situations in Italy where it has spiralled ou of control – people being left in corridors to die. Doctors choosing whose family member lives and who must be left to die as not enough equipment. Deaths of doctors and nurses who themselves have contracted the disease from patients – sometimes as they have run out of masks and other safety gear.

    If humanity starts to value money over even one human life it is the beginning of the end for us.

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