COVID and Hospital Capacity – Sensationalized News vs. Reality 

1 Million

Staffed Hospital Beds in the United States


Being used currently for COVID-19 Patients

While hospitals in some areas, such as in New York, are over capacity, the average occupancy rate of hospitals across the US is now somewhat under the average. Perhaps because people are deferring any elective surgery or treatments due to the perception of medical care shortages?


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2 comments on “COVID and Hospital Capacity – Sensationalized News vs. Reality

  1. Your false equivalencies are selfish at best and dangerous at their core. Take a breath, we
    are in uncharted waters. To compare C-19 to aids is ill informed about the time in history,
    each pathogens differences, the effected population(s), and finally how the sicknesses are

    To further your narrative by comparing the US to the repressive Chinese regime only fans
    flames of paranoia and distrust. Economic hard times are temporary. Death is not.

    For someone who provides may insights from scientists, you seem all to willing to ignore
    what scientists are telling us about how to minimize the effect of C-19

    1. You neglected to analyze the amount of deaths from other causes every year. New York is also a megaopolis, and the policies inacted there due to close proximity and massive public transit systems, should not be applied to rural areas, and yet, this is happening.

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