The Lockdown will kill more people than the Virus 

Number of Americans who have died from Corona Virus as of April 5, 2020 – 8454

Number of Americans who Die in a typical Year from Heart Disease - 647,000

Americans in LockDown are doing the three main things that contribute to Heart Disease:

  • Lack of Exercise – gyms are closed, exercise options are limited, normal routines are disrupted. People aren’t even walking around shopping malls or offices. Lack of movement is death for the human body.
  • Poor Diet – The lockdown has knocked out supply chains, so people eat what they can easily find, and the economic effects of the lockdown will cause many to eat only what is cheap, not what is fresh and healthy.
  • Increased Stress Levels – People are cooped up in their houses, with no healthy outlet for their energy, and nothing to do but watch sensationalized news reports about illness and death. That’s stressful!

How much will heart disease and related lifestyle illnesses increase as a result of the lockdown? 25%?

647,000 x 25% = 161,750 Additional Deaths from Lockdown

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