Latin America Is the Murder Capital of the World 

Country Murders in 2016 according to U.N Population Murders per 1,000 Population
Entire European Union 5,351 741 million 0.007
China 8,634 1379 million 0.006
United States 17,250 326 million 0.05
Mexico 31,174 128 million 0.2
Brazil 63,808 207 million 0.3
Carribean 145,000 39 million 4

The idea of hot headed Latins is just another meaningless stereotype perpetuated by bigots, right? Or maybe not. In fact, the Caribbean and Latin America are the murder capitals of the world.

In fact, after adjusting for population differences, you're more than 500 times as likely to be murdered in the Caribbean as in Europe or China.

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Latin America Is the Murder Capital of the World

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