Thanksgiving, 1998
The Outrage Thanksgiving List
It's the holiday season once again, so naturally we're contemplating all our blessings. Here's our list: use the Rageback link at the bottom to tell us what you're most thankful for.

  1. That Sister Outrage decided against the White House internship.
  2. That a serial killer is now targeting trial lawyers.
  3. The feed-a-starving-NBA-player relief effort.
  4. That Gregorian chants hit the best-seller lists.
  5. With Clinton still under the Lewinsky cloud and a divided, clueless Congress, chances of new legislation are dim.
  6. That Jacqueline said "Yes".
  7. That Nichole said "No".
  8. The Mark McGwire/Sammy Sosa home run race.
  9. That America has so much money, and so few problems of its own, that it can afford to send soldiers all over the world to solve problems that have little or nothing to do with the people paying the bill.
  10. That states and cities will no longer have to impose taxes, now that they've found all that revenue from suing cigarette companies, gun makers, brewers, drug companies, Little Bo Peep, the Easter Bunny, etc.
  11. That, thanks to Paula, Hillary found out what it's like to eat her own cooking. And what a tasty dish sexual harassment laws really are.
  12. That, thanks to the glories of technology, people will no longer have to think for themselves.
  13. That God made golden retrievers, Sade Adu, and, as an after thought, Tyra Banks.
  14. That the DOW is making a comeback.
  15. That Jimmy Carter won't.
  16. That market share for network TV continues to fall.
  17. That market share for the Net continues to rise.
  18. That readership of the Outrage continues to grow.
  19. That, at the moment, just about anyone in America who wants a job can get one.
  20. That Dickens novels still sell.
  21. That totalitarianism doesn't.
  22. The guy who shot the person who invented the phrase "convergence of corporate marketing cultures". The jury that let him off.
  23. Smart women who laugh at our jokes.
  24. That no amount of adult folly, stupidity, and incompetence seems capable of corrupting the beauty and innocence of a child's smile.
  25. That Outrage readers, unlike everyone else, are capable of distinguishing sarcasm from sincerity.

Tell Us What You're Thankful For in the Comments Below!


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0 comments on “GIVING THANKS!

  1. Thankful that neith bill or hilary are from Texas, and not related to Anyone in our family.Rather have my family tree go straight up than have them on one our limbs!!

    thanks for the good market!!!!!

  2. Thankful that neith bill or hilary aren’t from Texas, and not related to Anyone in our family.Rather have my family tree go straight up than have them on one our limbs!!

  3. I’m thankful that our president has made it “OK” for all of us
    to lie anytime, as well as cheat on our spouses or S.O.’s.

  4. I am thankful for the miracle called a computer and the e-mail which I can read and write. Thanks for the opportunity to scan the entire world at my desk.

  5. That someone along the way taught me to abhor victimology, and as a result, I understand that I have a measure of control over my own life.

  6. I am thankful to be an American. There is no place on
    this earth that, even with all the troubles and outrages,
    even approaches the freedom, wealth, and privileges
    we have.

    good job, you put smile back in my day

    That y2k will make it difficult to impose the national I.D.card upon us.

  7. I hope the y2k automatically impeaches
    the whole Clinton Adminstration Barr none.
    (I will be able to keep my guns a little

    That I(we) have other sources of news & information besides the “mainstream media”.<BR><BR><BR> That I’ll be long dead by the time this planet is unliveable. <BR><BR><BR> that I have a clear conscience, & have lots of people to love & be loved by. <B>gobble gobble !</B>

  8. That God is! And that Jesus is coming
    back to set things right!

    i’m free,and alwas will be.
    no one can take that away
    from me.god bless the

  9. I am thankful i can still see & hear. It allows me to continue to read Outrage

    I am thankful to those who contribute moral and financial support to help find a cure for all disabilities!

  10. Thanks for the Worldnet Daily, the FreeRepublic, and all other patriots who are trying to make a difference in America today.

  11. Thankful every day for…
    Hearing a hearty “DADDY!!!” from my 3-year old son when I come through the door;
    A 2-toothed grin from my almost-1-year old daughter; and
    A warm hug from my wife.

  12. Hey, I’m grateful that GOD knows what’s going on.
    And if you folks out there wake up with two eyes, two ears, two arms and two legs, get going and give thanks to a good God that you have them!

  13. Thank God that Clinton and his whole gang have only 2 more years to go, because the self serving congress doesn’t have enough fortitude to uphold the law. Is there anway we can do away with all of the current politicans??????

  14. A woman woke up one day and saw suffering, hunger and pain all around her. She looked up to the sky and said “God, I look around and all I see is pain, suffering and hunger. Why, God, don’t you do something. Why don’ you send help?” God looked back at the woman and said simply, “I did send help, I sent you.”

    I am thankful that we have each other.

  15. I’m thankful that I am 78 and
    can still do all my yard work and can still walk two miles every and all my family is in good health.

  16. 10. Betsy’s got it right. #23. I’m thankful that you’re thankful for us.
    9. Douglas Addams.
    8. Heinlien
    7. I only have to live with my parents for one more sememster.
    6. Civ II
    5. Felines
    4. I live far away from most of my reletives
    3. My mind
    2. Physics
    1. Dami, my love.

    Re: #23 in “List of Thanks”

    I’m thankful for Outrage to stroke my ego.

    Re: #23 in “List of Thanks”

    I’m thankful for Outrage to stroke my ego.

  17. For a loving God who provides to those who deserve it least,
    who discipline those who need it most, and who has
    saved through His Son a wretch like me.

    For the wife He chose, and the children He sent.

    And for the ability to give Him glory in word and deed.

  18. Not much to be proud of these days. We are circling the drain in the way of the Romans. What we need is a generation of children who know the definition of “is”, who know the truth is not relative, and have the intestinal fortitude to have beliefs, let alone stand up for them. I know of some hopefuls http://home1.gte.net/1mjolnir/The_girls.jpg

  19. I give thanks to: The USA. without the freedoms we enjoy
    we could not outrage. Soooo….all you grumblers out there,
    remember why you CAN grumble. USA!!!!!!

  20. I’m grateful that there is a God in Heaven who loves us; Republicans still hold the majority in Congress; and America has freedom of the press.

  21. Go to a supermarket at three
    in the morning. Look at the
    silent grandeur of miles of
    food. Go buy stuff you never
    dreamt of before (Kippers say,
    or the little Wieners in a
    Can) and then be THANKFUL we
    live in a society free enough
    to provide such largesse for
    all. You don’t have to be a
    member of ‘The Party’ you
    don’t have to get in a shoot
    out, you don’t even need
    travel papers to get to the
    store. Just buy and eat.
    A’int it grand? Then go to the
    mall the next day and thank
    that old man in a wheelchair
    selling flowers at the Disabled
    Vets table.

  22. I am thankful that I have never annoyed anybody by bragging about being the “Rail Baron”.
    …that I cannot point to heavy people and wag my finger as I still have lots of weight to lose. (The evil doctor office scale strikes again)
    …that I don’t have to worry about how to invest my money because I haven’t any money to invest.
    …for the gift of people who are in my life. The folks who put up with my weaknesses but love me just the same.
    …that I’m not looking for a job anymore.
    …that once again I’m near friends and family.
    …that although I could kill my sons (especially the eldest one) several times during the short amount of time I see them during the day, I am thankful that they’re here and that such beautiful little boys call me “dad”.
    …In some ways, I am thankful that I’m getting heavier. It shows that I’m not starving.
    …that I’m not writing “going out of business” radio ads anymore.
    …for gummy products.
    …to know that this year is not going to go down as a banner “bad year”.
    …for The Simpsons.
    …for my house.
    …for my “dad” chair at the end of a long day.
    …that I’m not like the people on the Jerry Springer show.
    …that Filipinos always look young.
    …that I’m not on AOL anymore.
    …for my office window.
    …that I will never grow a beard.
    …for Mrs. Butterworth. Otherwise, pancakes would really suck.
    …for re-runs of The Brady Bunch.
    …for my Scroll Mouse.
    …that I never moved out to Hollywood and starred in that porno flick.
    …that I never moved out to Hollywood to direct porno flicks.
    …that I don’t smell like a ham sandwich.
    …that I don’t have to go on tour with a rock band and sing lame songs from the 70’s.
    …that I’m not Monica Lewinsky.
    …that I’ve never had my genitals squashed by an anvil.
    …that my big toe is not larger than all my other toes combined.
    …that I don’t play for the Edmonton Oilers.
    …that my wrestling nickname isn’t “Cookie Goodness.”
    …that I don’t teach in a Cleveland Public School.
    …that they haven’t found all those prostitutes yet.
    …for my jar of used kleenexes.
    …that my left hand is not my right hand and my right hand is not my left hand, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to type this list.
    …that I can eat an entire turkey, by myself, in one sitting.
    …that if I ever fell in my house, the paramedics wouldn’t have to cut a special “larger” doorway to remove me.
    …for the file hairyone.jpg.
    …for George Takei.
    …for all the girls I’ve loved before, who traveled in and out my door, I’m glad they came along, I dedicate this song, for all the girls I’ve loved before.
    And finally…
    …that my operation to look like Jennifer Love Hewitt was a complete success.

  23. I’m thankful that I can agree with this previously thankful person
    “Name: marti (mjs@lcc.net) Time: 11/22/98 (17:56:17)

    Thankful that neith bill or hilary are from Texas, and not related to Anyone in our family.Rather have my family tree go straight up than have them on one our limbs!!”

  24. I am thankful that there is such a thing as divorce. Without it I would still be stuck with my ex-butthead (or in prison, psychiatric hospital or cemetary). Fortunately, I have found the most wonderful man ever.
    I am also thankful that I only have 2 dogs…”Honey, we don’t need another one.”

  25. Thankful the Ronald Reagan probably doesn’t know how weak that the Republicans have become after he gave them such strength and hope. And a message as well.

  26. I presume that you mean the Duke of Omnium’s advice to be “positive.” Indeed, we have just witnessed vigorous defense of the President on legal grounds, sending the message that anything is ok as long as it’s legal, or perhaps even if it’s only rarely prosecuted.

  27. thankfull that our elected leaders by deed show our children that it’s o.k. to lie under oath if it’s only about sex.
    that those mean republicans want to starve children, but it’s ok to suck the brains out of the unborn.
    that if you should be the majority party you must bend over backward’s for the minorityparty so cnn like’s you. (does not apply to democrats)

    Who said a little Revolution is good for a countries soul?
    See You Soon at Lexington \ Concord!

  28. I’m thankful for a country with nothing better to do than pursue others prurient interests…

    I’m thankful for a hateful, demeaning, shortsighted, foolish majority governing party…

    I’m thankful ol’ Ronny Ray-Gun can’t remember a damn thing, for no man should die knowing full well that he has sewn the seeds of national disaster…

    I’m thankful, despite the rantings of a party as elitist and out of touch with reality as the one they oppose, that I am smarter than YOU.

  29. I am thankful that Komrad
    Klinton’s Administration gave us the first Republican controlled congress in over 40

  30. Thank God there is a patriotic serial killer knocking off trial lawyer parasites. Maybe there is justice in America.

    Nah! Not with Clinton getting away scot free selling nuclear missile technology to China for a lousy Campaign Contribution

  31. 1, that “oldies” radio stations exist to play the “dinosaur rock” from my youth, so I don’t have to listen only to todays “whiner rock”; 2, that the biggest hamburger franchises all have 99 cent burgers; 3, that “nostlagia drag racing” exists on the west coast (there’s nothing cooler than a 57 chevy doin’ 200mph in the Qtr mile); 4, that cable TV exists (thank you History & Learning Channel!!); 5, that the IRS finally came under the spotlight (now lets see if it works); 6, that the 2-party system finally is seeing competition; 7, that Clinton is on the way out; 8, that Dr. Laura “got hers” (sorta anyway) finally; 9, that the DAFSE Agency hasn’t made my life more miserable in the last couple of years; and 10, that I still retain an optimistic outlook on life, in an increasingly bizarre country.

  32. That it is law that you do NOT have to prove citizenship to vote! No wonder we are losing our country to the liberal left (most are not citizens). I give no thanks to those who use the Freedom paid for by Veterans to abuse such freedoms, i.e. politicians, journalists, lawyers, doctors and especially the Veterans Administration, which betrays our honor and calls us liars when we state our truths. I wish all vets would ask their congressmen & senators to abolish the VA adjudicators. The numerous military fraternities, with veterans who served and understand service connected disabilities could judge us. They our peers at least. Most of the VA adjudicators did not serve much time, and they are typical advesarial employees. Think about it, if vets don’t stick together, we can complain that our so called benefits are being diminished.

  33. I’m grateful for the new doors that open daily in my life and to my parents who gave me the confidence to step through them (even if I still usually go through them kicking and screaming).

  34. Not too much to be thankful these days as that slimey rat of a company (Disney)has locked me and 2400 other technical workers from ABC News out of our jobs and cut our health insurance to NOTHING. They will not negotiate with our union and only want to BUST IT! Disney is not a company that is family-oriented in any way. It’s all a sham to sell products and make money! They produce most of their goods in Third World Countries where they pay workers a poverty wage (33 cents an hour) and they care about nothing but their own bottom line. Michael Eisner made $98,700 an HOUR last year and I’m out of work because I want a fair contract. Disney is disgusting!

  35. Thanks to all those that have made my life hell. I know that you will burn there. Also the fact that your house in currently morgaged to my company. HEHE I’m the killer accountant.

  36. I am thankful for the millions of Americans who spend each day working and producing in spite of a government that takes at least a third of their production

  37. I’m thankful that we’re not getting the level of government we’re paying for. Government ‘s inefficiency is the last protection of our personal freedoms.

  38. I’m so thankful for the ever so successful war on drugs. Now I know that my children don’t have far to go from the house to score any damn thing they want, not having to drive into another neighborhood that could turn disagreeable. Thank you, Mr. Clinton, thank you so bloody much!

  39. I give thanks for having a beautiful loving supportive wife. I give thanks for my two beautiful daughters. I give thanks for my loving families my mom and dad mom and dad-in-laws who are get along with each other and we have a great relationship with them. I thanks to lord our god everyday form allowing me to have all these postive things in my life every day.

  40. 1. That Bill Can’t run for a third term.
    2. Our National humiliation will one day end- Barney Franks and Ted Kennedy aren’t immortal.
    3. Rosanne, and Michael Jackson have gone back to being the has-beens they always were.
    4. Jane Fonda already punished for treasonous karma-doomed to say something stupid every time she opens her mouth.
    5. Jay Leno said something funny for the first time in years. I can stop watching now.
    6. Am greatfull I have learned to stop crying whenever I hear hail to the chief being played and then see Bill step out on cue.
    7. Cinnade O’ Connor is not my daughter (I dont think).
    8. So greatful that the NOW gang have elevated women to the status they deserve. No longer are interns just for sex. They are now strictly only for innapropriate sexual behavior (There’s a difference, and believe me, it feels a little different when you think about it that way, too).
    9. thankfull that one day nobody will be talking about that last drunken ride dianna took, and I won’t have to look at those stupid photoes of di in her little minefield garb.

    10.Pretty sure I am higher on the food chain than James carville.
    11. I am not living in France.
    12. I Have indoor plumbing and use it (oops, that’s the same as number 11)
    13. That somehow I was spared having to listen to Larry King and Bob Dole talk about sex and viagra.
    14. Monica is not my daughter. (I don’t think)
    15. Always greatfull that my tax dollars go to such things as subsidizing mohair sheep farmers.

  41. You can bitch all you want, but i hope you try to initiate some of the changes you want to see instead of just posting them on some obscure website.

  42. As I Read All Of Your Bitching And Bearly Noteworthy Comments, I Am Thankful That I Live In A Friendly, Non-Commercial Country,,,For I AM CANADIAN!!

  43. you friggin people need to get a job!

    Time: 4/6/98 (6:5:24)

    Does anybody know how to spell anymore? Come on, people, how ignorant can you be? Doesn’t anybody know how to spell “Jordan”, as in Michael Jordan? Maybe ‘spelling’ should be a new DO topic!

    Time: 12/1/97 (22:31:58)

    You’re right, we have a lot to be thankful for. However you didn’t mention everything. We must give thanks to the diversity that is our “strength”. Because of it we can visit 3rd world countries like Mexico, Korea, China, Cuba, Haiti, Iran and many others without the expense and inconvenience of having to leave the United States. We should be thankful that the privledged among us (anybody who is white) are finally being penalized in favor of the disadvantaged (anyone who is not white). It’s comforting to know that the son of the unkempt white male you see standing on the corner begging for food is going to have to meet higher standards for admittance to a University than the sons of disadvantaged people like Michael Jordon. It would be awful if economic status was factored into the equation that decides who is privledged as opposed to disadvantaged. Yes we can give thanks that as screwed up as we are now we will even be more screwed up by next thanksgiving.

    Time: 12/1/97 (8:48:11)

    For those of you who may not have found this one yet, check out this web site. http://www.netline-to-congress.com It goes hand-in-hand with some of the comments that I just read in this section. Be sure to vote every day. These questions are tallied daily, then sent to every legislator that has an e-mail address, which is most of them.

    I just found the DO, and have it bookmarked. We need to stand up and realize how many of us there are out there who are truely outraged with what has happened to our country. We are a huge population, but don’t know it, and therefore are not as strong as we could be.

    Keep up the great work.

    Time: 12/1/97 (8:7:56)

    A very good point about the selective belief in “God’s Will.” A woman who can’t get pregnant without the aid of fertility drugs should accept that it is “God’s Will” that she not have children at all, much less breed like a bitch dog!

    And we taxpayers are going to be subsidizing this low-class addition to overpopulation through all the “child credits.”

    Yes, it is possible to begin doing something about these outrages. Do your homework before you vote, and ALWAYS vote! In some of the off- year elections, barely one-fifth of the voters show up.

    Join organizations like the League of Conservation Voters and People for the American Way to get the real scoop on the crooks and “stealth” candidates BEFORE they get into power!

    Time: 12/1/97 (1:36:56)

    I am mad as hell. I can complain all I want, but talk is cheap. I say that we, the lower working class, take up arms and tear down the rich, the tobacco companies, castrate the rapists and child molestors, kill the murders slowly, weed out all the corrupt and power mad police men and women, all those drunk with power we give a cold shower, with a crowbar.

    Just a thought. I work hard every day and for what? So Micheal Jorden can make milions selling hotdogs and underwear?

    Time: 11/30/97 (21:6:21)

    the jordan thing what history book do these people read that think only black people were opressed the irish by the english,the poor by almost everybody,do more reading of american history and you will find that the working class of this land were opressed by the ultra rich.

    so I guess all the white people who’s ancestors were coal miners railroad workers,textile mill workers should sue theliving ancestors of the people who ran the mines or mills or the pullman family or armor meat co for cruelty to humans think we would get far.

    Time: 11/30/97 (13:5:16)

    Aaaawww, gee… happy Thanksgiving guys.

    Time: 11/28/97 (17:5:3)

    How can we best use the Internet to bring these outrages to decision makers who are in a position to make some meaningful change to prevent these outrages…How can we get people to mobilize themselves to prevent these outrages?

    Please publish the e-mail addresses of the 435 Congressmen and the 100 Senators so that we can flood their offices with demands that corrective action be taken.

    Time: 11/28/97 (16:6:4)

    i agree wholeheartedly! Yo,(I know ‘yo’ means ‘I’) Y not adopt!

    There R plenty of children in need of parents. “I want my own kids” attitute is just plain selfish (it could also be a fancy one too).

    Time: 11/28/97 (15:23:48)

    Your sarcastic “note of thanks” about the McCaughey’s septuplets, and the subsequent reader comments, sadly reflect the deplorable “culturally correct” philosophy against large families.

    First of all, they were hoping for one child — as the use of the drug helped them conceive with their first daughter Mikayla. This drug has a history of helping produce single pregnancies.

    They did not plan to have a litter, but that is what happened. Secondly, that they did not take the convenient route of murder — excuse me — “pregnancy reduction” — is what we should be truly thankful for.

    May their tribe — and the tribes of all godly parents who “entrust their souls to the One Who judges righteously”and Who has in His providence allowed us to discover and use some of the scientific principles that He created — increase!

    I do appreciate and agree with and laugh at most of your DO postings — keep it up!

    Time: 11/28/97 (2:21:28)

    First, I’ll bet you NEED a break! Enjoy your days off. I enjoyed your selections to be thankful for, but you should have included the ex-head of the U.S Postal service.

    He overspent his advertising budget by some $200 million dollars and instead of throwing him in jail they REWARDED HIM with a huge ‘bonus’. Also, the Postal service, for planning to increase postage fees when they have a BILLION dollar surplus this year. The Surplus? Goes to top postal service ‘biggies’ as a BONUS at the end of the year! Who cares…the public pays for it!

    Time: 11/27/97 (20:33:1)

    Dear DO,

    I am thankful I found your website. Your comments are a welcome beacon in this land of universal apathy.As a seasoned citizen I am old enough to remember the Dionne Quints.

    The mother of our latest litter is in for a life of constant harassment by every news hack for the rest of her life.I dont envy her or her family at all. Keep the light shining.

    bigstick (Golf)

    Time: 11/27/97 (10:41:59)

    Brilliant piece! I agree with your sarcasm & wit. All except for that remark about auto dialing, ouch that stung!

    Time: 11/26/97 (21:1:8)

    This is all great stuff but when and how in the hell do we start to do something about all this crap.

    Time: 11/26/97 (17:30:1)

    Regarding the litter of 7. The mom said something about having all seven when the doctors warned her of possible complications and she said, “I will have them all, its God’s will.” Ahh, didn’t anyone say anything like it was God’s will that you wouldn’t have kids in the first place and that’s why you took firtility drugs!

    Regarding SE Asia – The administration should feel our outrage, but in the mean time go check out the Thailand and Malaysian stock exchanges on the web. I think we can make some of our tax/bailout money back by buying low (now) and selling if and when the recover. After all Mexican investments after the crash have made big returns! Go Wall Street and screw you and me the little tax payer.

    Happy Thanksgiving DO

    Time: 11/26/97 (16:48:17)

    Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving, for you all at DO you are a light in the darkness!

    Time: 11/26/97 (14:16:20)

    Here, Here and right on!!! Have a nice Thanksgiving anyway.

    Time: 11/26/97 (10:12:18)

    You barely touched the surface on Judge Ware here in San Jose. He used his story of a brother being killed by white supremicists to get appointed, and even referenced it often in rulings. Of course it was an actual event…it just wasn’t him or his brother. And he is not being punished in any way.

    Time: 11/26/97 (9:18:8)

    Timely comment about Michael Jordan. You always hear the Capitalism-hating socialists in the US saying that Bill Gate$ (the greatest con man who ever lived) should give some of his fortune back and that Michael Eisner (CEO of Disney) is overpaid and that CEO salaries should be limited.

    But they never say that Michael Jordan is overpaid and that he should give some of his fortune back. Why not? It’s simple. Gate$ and Eisner are white ancestors of opressors and Michael Jordan is an ancestor of the opressed.

    Time: 11/26/97 (8:31:13)

    I’m thankful that (almost) every day I can dial up on the internet and get have a good chuckle by reading the DO, and knowing that others are just as sick of all the ridiculous events out there today, and have the guts to put some sarcasma and humor into it.

    And, just like the great staff at DO, I too am thankful for the mindless tradition of stuffing ourselves on dead bird and taking a tryptophan nap ever November.

    Time: 11/26/97 (7:40:27)

    regarding the seven babies- i dont think this couple knows exactly what they are getting into. image- seven kids getting their drivers liscence at one time (their small town wont be safe!) . which one gets to drive the car?? do they get 7 from a dealership for their 16 birthdays?

    i wish someone had given me a car for my 16, or when i had kids- i had to earn and buy my own! maybe this couple should give some up for adoption- there are people out there who cant have kids and would really like one

    Time: 11/25/97 (20:28:56)

    …and I’m thankful that we’re not ALL asleep at the wheel and that someone’s paying attention and is taking the time to inform the rest of us.

    Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving.


    Time: 11/25/97 (19:51:46)

    Hey DO!! Kinda went out on a limb with the Michael Jordan thing doncha think? You make an excellent point, however…

    You better be careful, I’d hate to see you guys/gals get labeled as racists, or bigots or whatever. It’s not hard to do you know. Even when well intentioned or merely telling the truth.

    Time: 11/25/97 (18:21:25)

    the woman who had the litter has already got other mom’s of litters wanting to know where there handout is I think she was from D.O. land of OZ well what do we think would happen when people like Pat R. runs for prez.

    Some one said the dad works as a clerk what do you think he makes? IRS will not be getting any of his money soon.

    Time: 11/25/97 (18:14:10)

    Love your stuff. While it may not always put a smile on my face, it’s refreshing and your sarcasm shines! Keep it up.

    Time: 11/25/97 (18:3:33)

    I hope that all the women that decide to have a litter do not expect all the handouts this women has gotten. I think they will be sadly dissapointed. This will have to end somewhere. This will encourage other women to have litters so they get handouts and new houses. This could turn into an epidemic. Thanks very much for The Outrage. Joan

    Time: 11/25/97 (16:35:48)

    you forgot to mention that we should be thankful that the McCaugheys are so young(she’s in her 20’s). She might be able break the record for children while she is still in her 30’s. A few more litters should do it.


    Time: 11/25/97 (15:13:26)

    We’d like to make a correction to the comment below. The governor did NOT fund the Storytelling Center – the citizens of the state (involuntarily) funded it. He just gets the credit. This is a far too common situation.

    Time: 11/25/97 (15:4:29)

    Thanks to the Gov of Tenn for funding the Storytelling center. I’ve attended eight or nine of those festive weekends and I can’t think of a more appropriate way to preserve that cultural gem.

    Time: 11/25/97 (12:25:17)

    Lately, I have been in a continual state of outrage! The communist Chinese are demanding that the western world pay for their entry into the world stock market, and our leaders are rolling over for bribes!

    When the asian stock markets first collapsed, there were stories about the introduction of “Red Chip” (Chinese communist government) stocks into the market, that caused the fall.

    Reason being; that communist stocks were never worth anything because they are backed by slavery not money. For that reason, they never will be worth anything. Like communism in society, they are a cancer in the market.

    If this situation is allowed to continue, it will help turn a global market economy into a global slavery economy. And nobody is telling the truth about it. Doesn’t anyone care? Or are you outraged like me?

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