Craig Rabinowitz says his wife was "a wonderful woman and my best friend and I miss her more than anyone." So, naturally, he strangled her to death. Rabinowitz, now serving life in prison, had some good reasons to commit murder: his mother never told him she loved him, his father was a bad role model, and his wife didn't have sex with her killer-to-be often enough.

Of course Rabinowitz felt like a victim: "I had 13 years of resentment inside me." But what really ticked him off was that his wife, a lawyer, "lived her life like a calendar, strict, planned, regimented. And I was more easygoing, more go with the flow." The killer can relax more now; his prison, in addition to racquetball and cable TV, also offers stress-management classes.

Lawyer Grayson Hall and her husband, Neal Hall, are also victims. It seems that the city of Philadelphia gave them $180,000 two years ago to build a health care practice staffed by minority physicians. Almost all of the money is gone, and the Hall's have not made any application for building permits or shown any other progress towards actually starting, much less finishing, the health care clinic. (See the story at The Philadelphia Inquirer).

Mr. Hall says "If it takes an extra year or three, that's really insignificant." Grayson Hall says "The typical conclusion in our Western Society is everything is fast food and people are really conclusion oriented." Aha, it's society's fault that no progress has been made. Or perhaps lawyer Hall is trying to avoid the mistakes of the late Mrs. Rabinowitz. (Y'know, too deadline oriented.)

While Rabinowitz was explaining why he killed his lawyer wife, and lawyer Hall was killing time, politicians in California killed a bill that would have protected computer manufacturers from the depredations of blood thirsty, rapacious scum, i.e. trial lawyers.

It seems that politicos in California have decided that computer makers should not be exempt from lawsuits resulting from year 2,000 problems. Trial lawyers are slathering at the mouth in anticipation of huge judgements to be obtained when computers fail to work due to coding problems related to entering the new millennium.

No one should be surprised by the pro-trial lawyer decision, as many of the legislators involved are lawyers themselves, and trial lawyers also happen to be huge campaign contributors. Plus, it's California, a state that never met a lawsuit it didn't like. (Elsewhere in the sunshine state, lawyers launched an assault on Nike alleging false advertising and seeking huge damages.)

Meanwhile, politicians on the other coast showed rare good judgement in refusing to cough up more taxpayer money to fund the chronically corrupt, inefficient, and anti-American United Nations. So UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has gone straight to the real center of power, Hollywood, to enlist support for the UN. Renowned global geo-strategists like Magic Johnson and Luciano Pavarotti, as well as scores of other athletes, musicians, and entertainers, have been recruited to convince American taxpayers to fund the globe-trotting bureaucrats.

We always wonder why the glitterati don't do more to fund all these save-the-world causes themselves, since they're always talking them up to the hoi-polloi. One entertainer that seems to be real good at spending other people's money is actor Michael Bolton.

A new report indicates that Bolton's foundation raised $2,600,000 in 1995, supposedly to help needy children and women. The only problem is that the needy didn't actually get much of the money, less than $300,000. It seems that most of the money, $2,200,000, went to a professional fund-raiser and to pay for a star-studded fund-raising event. No word yet on whether Bolton has enlisted in the UN fund-raising cause.

Now if we could just get Craig Rabinowitz, the Halls, the president of the American Association of Trial Lawyers, Kofi Annan, Magic Johnson, Luciano Pavarotti, and Michael Bolton into one room, what a fund-raiser that would make!

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0 comments on “OUTRAGE ROUNDUP!

  1. While the glitterati are out raising funds, it appears the illiterati are raising eyebrows about it. If your talents were as outstanding as those you roast for theirs, perhaps your outrage might be justified. How many needy causes have you supported? How many people are better for your having graced this world with your presence? I rest my case.

    Time: 4/30/98 (23:58:54)

    Let’s face it. In most states the people who write the laws are former defense lawyers. They write them to insure they have jobs and a steady income when they get thrown out of office (probably ehtics related). That;s why the people’s interest are nerver considered.

    Time: 4/23/98 (22:52:59)

    Did you read the one about the one legged man in CA.who sued because they would not let him use the little boys room he won good for him.He got 80,000 the lawyer got 320,000 now is that fair?

    It’s good to read some good ol’, in-your-face-you-stinkin’-scum, Outrage again! Great work lambasting the lawyers. I can never get enough of that. Nice job on Hollywierd and the left coast too. Hey! How about some fire directed at insurance companies? There’s an outrage just begging for attention.

    Nice work,

  2. Ahhh, how easy it is to rage about someone that you obviously never met. Having spent six summers at camp with Craig, I am convinced to this day that there is more to this story than meets the eye. Just go back to the yearbooks. Craig wasn’t “well-liked” and “most popular” for no reason. I recommend a litlle more research before you rage on.

  3. I really like how you let real people put in their comments about Rabinowitz. I’m doing a book report on the case for my Criminal Law class, and seeing how you and others who knew him commet about it gives me a real picture to look at…nice job!

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