WORDS OF FOLLY AND WISDOM! "I have been a socialist since I was twelve."

-- Sandy Lerner, co-founder of Cisco Systems. She received $80 million worth of Cisco stock when she was bought out in 1990. She now lives in a 40 room mansion on a 800 acre estate in Virginia.

"African chiefs were the ones waging war on each other and capturing their own people and selling them. If anyone should apologize it should be the African chiefs. We still have those traitors here today."

-- Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni on President Clinton's proposal to apologize for slavery in America, which ended over 130 years ago.

"Joseph Stalin would have been proud of it."
-- Democratic Congressman Sam Gadjenson

"The process is just truly an unbelievable outrage."
-- Republican Congressman Christopher Shays.

Both Gadjenson and Shays were commenting on the manner in which Republican leaders blocked a popular bipartisan campaign finance reform bill. House speaker Newt Gingrich strictly limited debate time, prohibited amendments and required a two-thirds majority vote on the bill.

"If it were me that had documented personal conduct along the lines of the president, I would be so filled with shame that I would resign. I believe he is a shameless person."

-- House Majority Leader Dick Armey

"If goofy ideas ever got to $40 a barrel, I want the drilling rights to Dick Armey's head. He just comes up with these goofy notions."

-- Clinton advisor Paul Begala commenting on Armey's remarks above.

"Have a nice day."

-- President Bill Clinton when asked by a reporter to respond to Armey's remarks.

"The great promise of America is that everyone gets to compete on a level playing field - and let the best man or woman win. ...Our leaders have decided that we cannot wait -- that we must move certain classes of officers ahead of those who have outperformed them. I abhor that decision with every fiber of my being.

Unfortunately our commandant is accelerating us headlong down the path of political correctness. Primary consideration in selecting officers for assignments are now gender and race."

-- Retirement speech of Captain Paul J. Prokop, who retired from the US Coast Guard after a 32 year career.

"I was taking allergy medicine."
"I was sleepy, very sleepy. Plus, I was very dazed by the accident."
"Plus, how am I supposed to walk a straight line with my recurrent knee injury."
"Plus, I'm overweight. I put on a lot of weight in the off-season and it makes me unstable."
"The police arrested me to cover up their own negligence."

-- All of the above are reasons given by Boston Red Sox outfielder Mo Vaughn for crashing his pickup truck into an abandoned car that thousands of other motorists had driven by without incident. Vaughn failed eight sobriety tests and refused to take a Breathalyzer when he was arrested for drunken driving. When asked to recite the alphabet, he couldn't get past the letter "P".

Which of the above quotes is most Outrageous?

Use the Rageback section below to to cast your vote.

-Sandy Lerner quote from the "Washington Post".
-Quotes regarding Dick Armey comments, campaign finance reform and Captain Prokop's retirement are from the "Washington Times".
- Vaughn quotes are from Dick Reilly column in "Sports Illustrated".

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  1. Ironic that a retiring captain would complain about political correctness giving minorities and women an unfair advantage in the Coast Guard. In the entire history of the organization, no women and only one African-American have ever been promoted to flag rank.

    As an ameteur (don’t get paid for it) historian, especially military history, I regard the comments by the Ret.officer with trepadation. The quality of the officer corps is the one critical factor that can spell the difference between victory and defeat. Sad state of affairs folks, sad.

    Time: 4/13/98 (22:25:45)

    It has been reported that Israel taxpayers have been paying $3100.00 each month for the cigars smoked by their Prime Minister. Actually isn’t the United States citizenry contributing to this cigar mania by the foreign aid given Israel? This wass reported today on CNN news.

    I am completely perplexed by events of today. I’m not sure it is the looks of our President with the cocaine nose, the press, the sixties generation or what? How can anybody dismiss the charges made against the President?

    I beleive most people simply do not know what is going on today, they are too busy. I say shame on them, I am busy also, but I take take time to watch the news (objective news). If the behavior of people in high office is acceptable to a majority of Americans that is going on, god help us all. I am leaving for a community behind iron gateso protect myself from these people. Antipathy will bury us all.

    God bless Captain Prokop. He is telling it like it is. It is unfortunate that this person is retiring, however, in view of the attitude displayed Captain Prokop has little alternative. Capt. Prokop’s days were numbered.

    For once, an old Navy salt like me has to agree with someone in the hooligan Navy.

    Bravo Zulu Captain!

    At first reading, I thought Mo Vaughn’s statements were President Clinton’s excuses for his “misstatements” that contradict himself and/or the truth.

    I really like youe site…keep up the good work!

    Why should we pass more laws about campaign financing when we seem to have no inclination to enforce the ones we have already? Besides, it is the guilty who are crying the loudest for campaign finance reform, all the while leaving untouched the main source of unethical campaign financing, the unions. This is all “spin.” The solution is: put no restrictions on who can contribute or how much they can contribute, just publish the names of all contributors and the amounts of their contributions on the internet.

    Why isn’t anyone outraged about the fact that Monica, Grace, Kathline, Paula, etc. have been able to gain private access to our Commander in Chief simply by offering him sex (or at least what most of us define as sex)!? There are Marine embassy guards doing time right now for getting seduced by the Soviets during the Cold War and giving away secrets. Hell, they can get to the main man himself now!

    Regarding the comment below, I wonder if the establishment _would_ consider murder on CNN to be an impeachable offense. I mean, what if the victim were, say, CEO of an evil tobacco company? Wouldn’t that make it acceptable?

    I just love moral relativism.

    Those were classic examples of idiot quotes, but you missed this one: “I don’t think adultery or perjury are grounds for
    impeachment.” — Rep. Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat, in Human Events Magazine.

    So, if perjury’s not an impeachable offense, I suppose Clintoon will have to commit murder on CNN before Nancy will have had enuf…

    As far as the whole Clinton-Starr-Jones-Lewinski, soap opera goes…Has anyone paid any attention to what else congress is doing while the press is full of this politico-drama? I have. No outrages posted on the congress’ action the past few months…hmmmmm.

    As an active duty member of the armed forces, I must say Capt Prokop’s quote is the one that boils my blood most. Now that the cold war is over and we’re left playing United States World Police Force, now more than ever we need only the best of the best as our leaders, not some statistic to fill a PC hole.

    Now, if the best of the best is black, or brown, or female, or “pink” then they should get the slot without regards to anything but their ability.

    Time: 4/8/98 (22:43:23)

    Stalin would have been proud of the Campaign Finance bill that Newt effectively killed. I am no fan of “kill the marijuana growers” Newt, but he was right about this effront to the First Amendment. The idiot response to campaign finance abuse is to make more laws. We need less laws and more freedom and disclosure. The proposed laws would effectively shut all third parties and perpetuate the corrupt two party (what a joke) system.

    just another million dollar sports figure who thinks he is above the law the judge should for the book and him he could of killed some of the sports fans paying 35 dollars a seat to see him strike out

    Time: 4/8/98 (16:30:53)

    You gave Mo Vaughn a bad deal. Both the EMTs on the scene (a group not noted for their acceptance of drunken driving) who treated him testified that Mr. Vaughn was apparently sober, which raises a reasonable doubt in my mind. To say that he should’ve taken the breath test is to say that he has to prove himself innocent when accused.

    I invite anyone who assumes that Massachusetts cops are probably right to drive in that state. Tailgating and reckless driving are common there (so many people used the breakdown lane as a travel lane that they’ve legalized the practice) but Mass. cops find deserted streches so they can make money by ticketing good, but fast, drivers, rather than cracking down on the reckless drivers for which the state has such a well-deserved reputation. If you guys need New England perspectives in the future, e-mail me & I’ll give them to you.

    I happen to agree with Dick Armey and I think that anyone with a brain should also agree. This president has done everything that we try to teach our young people not to do. Character does matter and a person that is amoral is not a very good example to follow.

    We’ve had presidents that did, & presidents that didn’t, then we had a president that just thought a lot about it but now we have a president that can’t remember if he did or didn’t.

    Love your Outrage!

    Mr. Begala wont need to drill Armey’s head for his desired source of “–goofy ideas”. He just brought in his own gusher.


  2. Pretty poor examples of outrage. The real outrage is where these computer spuds do nothing but “complain” about their govt. or other people without actually doing something about it Typical. Write your representatives instead of wasting your time here–meat ball

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