Mostapha Maarouf was going to be married this summer. The 27 year-old taxi driver    was working in Colorado, saving his tips, and collecting gifts to bring back to his tiny village in Morocco, where the wedding was to take place.

Two blocks from the University of Denver Maarouf was savagely attacked by four men, beaten to death, dragged by his feet, and thrown into the trunk of his cab.

This incident is Outrageous for several reasons. First of all, it is of course outrageous that four men would beat a man to death, apparently in a dispute over a parking space.

Secondly, it appears that at least some of the residents of the neighboring apartment buildings observed the murder-in-progress, but failed to report it to the police.

Thirdly, two men did call 911 to report the attack, but the second message, with important details, was not conveyed to police officers who were searching for Maarouf and his assailants.


While people talk of the changes taking place in China some things remain the same - such as brutal punishment without trial.

Deng Qilu, a farmer in southern China, has been imprisoned for 10 years without trial. His prison is a small cage, slightly larger than a coffin and too small to stand up in.

Deng is kept naked, with iron shackles on his legs. He is given food once every several days.

It's still a savage world.

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  1. Eye for an Eye. Im sick of hearing about this kind of crap. What we need is people with balls to stand up for themselves, and whats theirs. I dont care what the law says. I dont care what God says. I will do what ever it takes to protect myself, my family, and whats rightfully mine. If I have to shoot a man to protect myself, then thats what it takes. If the Law refuses to serve justice, so be it. Ill serve it myself.
    WAKE UP!!!
    I keep wondering when people are going to realize this one simple fundamental law of nature also applies to human beings: Survival of The Fittest. Its kill or be killed.
    So stop whining about it. Stop talking about it.
    For the love of God, do something about it.
    Refuse to be sheep among wolves. Dont let yourself be shipped off to the slaughter house like so much cattle.
    Do what is right and what is just. Stand. Fight for yourself cause no one else is going to do it for you.
    Stand, and be true.

    Try living in a Country Like S.Africa, where the criminals are awwlowed to do exactly what they please, and there simply is no justice at all. They courts have no time to try the cases from last year, and there is no room in the prisons to accomodate any more prisoners, so they all go free! Makes sense, doesn’t it?

    Why are you complaining about the police not protecting you, read Bowers v. DeVito 686 F2d. 616 (1982) then you will get an understanding of what you are up against. If you read it you will learn that the courts have ruled that the state has no duty to protect you, protection from violent crime is not a right that is garaunteed by the Constitution. Your rights are negative rights according to the courts, and the constitution only sets the boundries in which the states can act. Yeah right! So in short, you have no right to protect yourself, nor do you have any right to protection by (or from) the state. God isn’t it marvelous to live in a ”
    “free” country.

    …NO I’m not outraged !!! this kind of stuff has become a daily occurence ??????? .. Society had become so desensitized by the media they now believe this be common place…. BUT thanks for the column …

    ..The Un accuses the US of such abuses as the death penalty while millions of Rawadans and Ethopian and Baznias are killed … Yet our “Liberal News Media” overlooks these millions of deaths and concentrates on a handful of school kids in one town …. ..By banning the “Assult weapons” Clinton could never have prevented the school shooting …News Media ..GET A LIFE

    What happened to the days of a good a** kicking..Years back people didn’t run there mouths or robed,vandelised etc. People had a respect for each other almost a fear…we need that lifstyle back…cops need to stop aresting us for protecting ourselves. If a criminal knows you are weak or vulnerable he/she will attack and milk it for what it is worth.If we shoot of stab back they win, if we don’t they win!! People are sceard to get involved, you have the cops on one side and the criminals. My mother always told me don’t protest unless you have a better idea..so here it is we don’t need more cops, DA’s or jails..we need muscle to deal with punks, so they will be the ones scared and conform like we all had to do!

    As long as Brain Dead citizens let the government erode our rights piece by little piece, you are going to see more of this moral decay. It is a basic human right, in fact an obligation to one’s God, to defend his life. If the taxi driver had been armed (instead of disarmed by his tyranic government) this event never would have occurred.

    I have to agree with the great majority of people who have responded. Our judicial system is so screwed up right now that we have lawyers (ie Jonny Cochran putting killers back on the street…oh, I’m sorry, HE was found innocent in a court of law). Anyways, we the people have to start getting involved in crime in our own neighborhoods. If the police can’t help us, then we need to learn to help ourselves! We need to stop being so scared and we need to act. With enough force, we can get any smut we want off the streets. This includes gangs, drug drealers, and even the occasional miscrients. Again we must learn to take care of ourselves. I only hope that those reading this will see that this makes sense and act. I am with you all in spirit.

    I’m a simple down to earth kinda guy. I was kinda liberal no guns etc. Then I got grew up got married and got a job! the American thing to do, right ..wrong.I feel like a slave I work many hours a week and for what.The gov’t takes a chunk, which still isn’t enough they want more 700 dollars more, do by april 15!!! Why do I pay taxes, my neighborhood is unsafe,the only time cops come around is to write tickets or some other money making ventures. These cops double off the tax payers,they don’t care about crime..crime doesn’t pay for them,speeding tickets or decals violations do! so as far as that poor guy in Colorado I agree with the guy who said he should blow those bigot punks away! Those liberals are to blame for this..they punish would be rescuers and discourage you to help because of fear,they want you weak like them.,if not physicaly weak,mental weak ie submisive! It is time for the strong to ack they the liberals are weaker than we are,we can beat them if we follow the law we lose because they wrote it! So screw the law and get the pencil neck geeks who are oppresing us!!

    There’s enough daily outrage in everyone’s life without having you add it to this space on the Internet. If I want to be depressed and read bad news I’ll read the local newspaper. I don’t go to the Internet to read this crud!

    The Mostapha Maarouf story is very interestin being that we are talking about Denver,Colorado. Mostapha is obviously Arabic and Colorado has a notorious reputation for being racist. i would not be surprised if that was also one of the factors involved in this incident. The original article also pointed to the fact that many of the people thought it was gang related and might have been afraid of retaliation if they snitched. Some gang have such a hold on a comunity that they can ferret out a snitch very quickly and mark THEM for death. This is very sad and frightening and very much reflects the Kitty Genovese story. Personally I would consider those who saw and heard this murder happening as aiding and abbetting and guilty as charged. As for China holding people in jail for long periods of time without charges being filed, why do we need to go to China when we can see this in downtown New York City. This is a story about Ahmed Nasser, an engeneer by profession,married and with a whole string of kids. He has never been accused of committing a crime. Works, pays his taxes, is a good father and husband. The U.S. government has had him locked up in solitary confinement in maximum securitry in downtown New York for over two years without having filed any charges or showing any cause. They want to deport him to Egypt where given the atrocious record that Egypt has on human rights he will be surely tortured and murdered. The U.S. government is claiming that they can’t file charges because the information is classified. So what we have is a Kafkaesque nightmare equivelent to the Franz Kafka story titled, ” The Trial “, where a defendent is arrested and tried for a crime he has allegedly commited but the nature of the crime and the charges against him are never revealed. Maximum security in isolation, for those not familiar with the U.S. penetentury system is a nightmare in itself. Think of a room barely 8 feet by 6 feet, with no windows,painted white, flourescent lights that hum, where everything is made of concrete or stainless steel and a thin mattress. Food is eaten in the cell which is slid in through a slot. You get perhaps one hour a day of exercise by yourself outside your cell. The incidence of psychosis forming in inmates that are detained in this manner is very high as well as forming a violent temperament. They are doing this to this man without fileing charges, without informing his attorney of what any charges are and claiming his attorney can’t see the charges because the information is classified preventing any kind of defense, deposition of witnesses, or cross examination. The only possible defense is to attack the constitutionallity of this fiasco as denying due process. You would expect this from some tinhorn dictatorial government but not in the U.S.A. Think again. It already has happened here. Without due process there is no Democracy !

    Regarding the comment below, even those who favor harsh punishments don’t favor imprisonment without trial.

    And how do you know he’s guilty of anything at all?

    Re: Savage China

    How can you speak of the brutality of the Chinese government in this man’s case without knowing the crime committed? If this man committed a brutal crime, isn’t a punishment to fit the crime in order? In Viet Nam, families must provide for their imprisoned family-members. Is that savage as well? If the world makes prisons that resemble resorts, what’s to deter crime? If a country — any country — makes the punishment terrible enough, criminals will have reason to think twice about their exploits.

    Time: 4/1/98 (21:42:50)

    I have to agree with Kent Ferrell. America has no room for guys in white hats anymore. Heroes get arrested and serve time for fighting the bad guys. The bad guys are winning folks. Sorry.

    If legal citizens had been armed as they should have according to the Second Amendment the taxi driver could have blown his assailant away with a hand gun instead of becoming a victim. Take That Sarah Brady and all you gun control Nazi’s!

    Capital punishment is the only way to cut the cancer out of our society. The perpetrator of a murder will never repeat the crime if he is terminated.

    People that refuse to get involved in helping a victim, by calling 911, at least, are willing accomplices of the crime.

    Regarding the murder of the taxi cab driver, it truly is an outrage that no one stepped forward to lend a hand. But our laws are so insane that anyone who steps forward to assist can be sued by the miscreatent or his family if you kill him and you can be punished by the state. I hate to mention this but being outraged won’t fix this problem.

  2. Awww.. common people. Just think about this for a second O.K.? If people faught back, and tried to be heroes alot of people would die. Then there goes all of your heroes. Even if we did have more good people in this nation that sadistic people, it would soon be a lost cause to fight for yourself because people will be too scared after all of our heroic people keep ceasing. I don’t want to sound like I am on the wrong side here, but you will have to just leave the laws the way they are. Also if a man was breaking into your house, and you were a person that believed in fighting back, what wouls this world be if you had kids, and they saw you shoot that man in front of them. Soon only to find out that he is some 17 year old boy that could have changed. You would have ruined two lives, (not only the 17 year olds but also your own childs). Your child would be devastated. This is also the way that wars, and things begin. Not only this, but descrimination would start more up than we already have because if a person were to break into your home at night, and you try to take a shot at him, but he jumps out the window you would have to say he was black. Now if you had the chance to kill him because he was in your house, you would probably try to find him for revenge. If it was night time, and you saw two people running away, you would follow the darkest colored one because it would have been dark in your house. Now if you got the wrong person, and accidently killed him. That would be murder. So not only alot more descrimination would begin, but also alot more murders than neccessary, and also as I said before there goes more of the heroes that we have in this world
    So people just give it up. It’s nothing, but a lost cause that will cause this world unneeded deaths.

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